Background information
Feature films
Television programs
Video games Naughty Bear
Park attractions
Performance model
Character information
Other names Living Ted, Un-Ted
Personality Emotionless, persistent, evil
Appearance Dark green teddy bears with red eyes and a scar across their face and various wounds over their body
Occupation Zombies
Goal To wipe out the living bears
Home Perfection Island
Friends Oodoo
Enemies Naughty Bear, Colonel Ketchup, Nibbles
Likes Killing living bears
Dislikes Getting injured, the living bears prevailing
Powers and abilities Can resist injuries
Weapons Machete, sticks, bones
Fate Gets killed
Typical Saying

The Zombears are villains in the game Naughty Bear. As their name suggests, they are undead bears who rose from the dead after a bear named Nibbles read the Dead Book, a magic book that was apparently wrote by Oodoo, the zombear leader. They're goal is to eliminate all the living bears and rule Perfection Island.


Episode 4Edit

In the zombears first appearance, the bear Nibbles chose a book to read to the other bears, but accidently chose the Dead Book and read from it. Unknown to any of them, the Dead Book could cast evil magic on the island and while reading it, the book exploded and the pages flew across the island and landed on the ground and where a page landed, zombears would rise. The zombears took bones and sticks as weapons and their leader Oodoo lead them on an attack on the island. Naughty Bear was under attack by three zombears, but managed to kill them and left his hut to kill more zombears. During the fight, one bear manged to call for the Army Bears led by Colonel Ketchup, and a squad arrived to fight the Un-Ted. Naughty Bear made it to Nibbles' hut and killed him for summoning them and killed Oodoo as well. After exterminating the rest of the zombears, Naughty Bear returned home.