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Zodiac Killer is the main antagonist of the 2007 film called Zodiac. He, like his real life counterpart, is a serial killer who terrified him because of his encrypted letters that were hard for police to identify.


The film soon tells the story of the Zodiac faithfully and that he soon killed his second victim a couple who was surprised and killed by him, and the two did not start were very scared and were killed inside the station, with two shots to the head. After that, the police soon realize that the Zodiac is excited to kill women as evidenced in the station, and that it monosprays the male figure. And after the murder, Zodiac soon sends a letter for a report being Paul Avery about his murders and that he takes pleasure in killing. Meanwhile, political cartoonist Robert Graysmith and the inspector David Toschi are beginning to investigate the case. Zodiac later kills two courples, and soon after he kills his last victim a taxi driver. He also provokes the authorities, and he also threatened Paul Avery. Then in the end, just like in real life, the Zodiac is not caught, and left its enemies psychologically unstable like Robert Graysmith, Paul Avery and Dave Toschi.