Background information
Feature films The Emperor's New Groove
Kronk's New Groove
Television programs The Emperor's New School
House of Mouse
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Eartha Kitt
Performance model
Character information
Other names Empress Yzma
Personality Intelligent, complicated, comical, sarcastic, cruel, scary,
Appearance Old skinny woman
Occupation Kuzco's former adviser
Affiliations Bad
Goal To become Empress
Enemies Kuzco, Pacha
Minions Kronk
Likes Being in charge, herself, magic,
Dislikes Kronk ruining her plans, Kuzco
Powers and abilities Knowledge in potions
Fate Becomes Kronk's secretary
Typical Saying "I win."

Yzma is the main antagonist of the Emperor's New Groove series. She is Emperor Kuzco's adviser until she was fired from the job and now plots to take the thrown from him. Her henchman is Kronk She was voiced by the late Eartha Kitt.


The Emperor's New GrooveEdit

Yzma was Kuzco's extremely old advisor, but when he was gone she ran the throne for him. Kuzco grew agitated of her doing his job for him and fired her from the job. Yzma was infuriated by how ungrateful he was that she had practically raised him and spent the time smashing statues of Kuzco. However, her henchman Kronk gives her the idea of murdering Kuzco to become emperor.

Yzma attempts to poison him, but the "poison" turns out to be extract of llama, and he is instead transformed into a llama. After knocking him unconscious, Yzma ordered Kronk to dispatch him. However, he dropped him accidentally and he ended up being taken to the cottage belonging to a peasant named Pacha. However, with Kuzco apparently dead, Yzma took over the kingdom.

Upon being informed by Kronk of Kuzco's survival, Yzma and Kronk set out to finish him off. Pacha, who was attempting to get Kuzco to Yzma's lab to revert him to his human form, discovered Yzma's treachery, but Kuzco refused to believe him and abandoned him. It was only later did he learn of Yzma's true intentions.

Yzma and Kronk arrived at Pacha's cottage to find Kuzco, but after Pacha's family learned of Yzma's intentions, they kept her occupied while Kuzco and Pacha continued towards the lab. However, Yzma and Kronk managed to get there first, and Yzma ordered Kronk to kill them both. Fortunately, Kronk had a change of heart and attempted to stop Yzma, but fell down a trap door.

With Kronk gone, Yzma and the palace guards attemped to kill Kuzco and Pacha, but the duo managed to outwit them and the guards plummeted out of the kingdom after a chase, leaving Yzma to confront them. During the scuffle, Yzma was transformed into a cat. However, she still managed to get the human vial that would transform Kuzco into a human. However, Kronk emerged from a window and crushed her with the door, allowing Kuzco to drink it and return to human form.

Yzma was last seen attending one of Kronk's squirrel scouting, still a cat.


Yzma is funny, eccentric, selfish, greedy, evil, power-hungry, mysterious, rude, sarcastic, cruel, bad-tempered, impatient, paranoid, murderous, sophisticated, angry and violent. She gets furious at Kronk for his incompetence, especially when Kronk didn't kill Kuzco, and Yzma decides to go out to kill the young emperor.


Yzma is a slender and extremely elderly woman with pale lavender skin, a wrinkled face, red lips, pale yellow eyes with black pupils, purple eyelids, long black eyelashes, red fingernails and toenails. She also has thin black eyebrows, light gray circles under her eyes. In her first appearance, Yzma wore a purple dress, a black and blue headwear, blue earrings, a black cape with purple innards, and a purple and blue neck brace.