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She is the main antagonist of Going Seoulo and the villain protagonist of How to Dominate the World (Like a Korean!). She is a famous teenage actress and singer from South Korea. She lives in a big mansion in Seoul, along with her dedicated lackey, Lee Yo-han. When Ginger, GeeGee and Roderick came over to visit Seoul for a vacation, she thought it would be a perfect opportunity to trick Team Ginger into thinking she and Lee were kind and caring. Ginger knew there was something off about her, but Roderick pretty much fell in love with her as soon as he saw her. Younghee used the opportunity to use her good looks and singing voice to trick Roderick into thinking she loved him, when she really actually couldn't care less about him. After Roderick leaves her house, she sings a song about how she plans to make him and his friends miserable and have world domination. Luckily, she is eventually defeated by Ginger, Roderick and GeeGee, with their magic, and they use their powers to open a trap door in the floor and she falls into it. When she calls for Lee, GeeGee walks up and says "Oh, him! We're terribly sorry, but we sent him flying off to Greece!". In How to Dominate the World (Like a Korean!), she is the main character. In the series, she would go around Europe, singing her songs to the people. Some of her fans were Holden Gjertsen from Norway, Gunter Krüger from Germany and Giovanni Romano from Italy. She is also friends with 3 Russian girls named Anna, Olga and Nadia, who she started a group called the Soviet Villains with. Her boyfriend is an evil Englishman named Mad Mod.