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Yon Rogg
Background information
Feature films Captain Marvel
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Actor Jude Law
Performance model
Character information
Other names Commander
Personality Cunning, manipulative, heartless, evil, narcissistic, sadistic, wrathful, megalomaniac, cruel, barbarian, ruthless, destructive
Occupation Leader of The Starforce
Kree commander and military leader
Affiliations Evil
Goal To wipe out all other races, and terminate The Skrulls as well as other opposing races and tribes (failed)

To serve his close ally and employer Thanos and prove him that he is better than his rival Ronan The Accuser (possibly failed)
To transform Carol Denvers into his own ultimate weapon and bond with her in the process (briefly succeeded, later ultimately failed)
To kill Talos (failed)

Home Hala
Friends The Supreme Intelligence, Thanos, Ronan The Accuser (rival/occasional ally), Min Erva, Carol Denvers (formerly)
Enemies Carol Denvers/Captain Marvel, Nick Fury, Mar-Vell/Dr. Wendy Lawson, Talos and his minions
Minions The Starforce
Likes Destruction, power, winning wars
Dislikes Defeat and loss, Ronan The Accuser
Powers and abilities
Fate Is threatened by Carol to send a deadly message to The Supreme Intelligence
Typical Saying

Commander Yon-Rogg is the main antagonist of the Marvel Cinematic Universe epic superhero film Captain Marvel. He is a ruthless, megalomaniacal and ambitious commander and military leader of the Kree Empire ruled by the Supreme Intelligence, and is Carol Danver's former mentor, turned into her archenemy after she realized the truth about her past as well as being a human and still sharing some human qualities such as emotions.

He is portrayed by the legendary actor Jude Law, who also portrayed Pitch Black in Rise of the Guardians and King Vortigern in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

History []

He is a evil, ruthless, power-hungry and highly ambitious Kree commander and one of the military leaders of The Kree Empire. He was sent by the Supreme Intelligence and Ronan to conquer all the races of the entire universe, starting with an old warlord and nemesis, Talos and his kingdom of Skrulls named as The Skrull Empire.

Upon arriving to earth he shot Mar Vell and killed her after she told Carol Denvers the truth. He tried to receive from Carol the location of the core of energy, but after Carol attempted to shoot him, and she missed the shot which instead seemingly destroyed the core, Yon Rogg learns from his hitwoman Minn-Erva that she has absorbed the powers of the core of energy, rather than causing the core to disappear completely. Realizing that Carol could be transformed into a living weapon called Vers, Yon Rogg orders his henchmen to bring her to Hala where he can train her as a weapon against the other races, mainly The Skrulls.

Yon Rogg later trained Vers, appearing to her as both a mentor, and hoping to get rid of all her human emotions. He later sent her to discuss matters with The Supreme Intellgence, and after she recruited her to become a member of The Starforce, Yon Rogg and the other Starforce members take Vers on a journey to battle against The Skrull Empire and defeat them, thus attempting to end the life of their military leader, Talos. However, unexpectedly, Talos kidnapped Vers/Carol, and as she escaped his aircraft and fell onto Earth, Talos managed to find her and tell Carol the truth, thus converting her back into Carol and letting her fully remember her past.

Yon Rogg was then ordered by Ronan to stop his world conquering operations, as Ronan also added he will do the rest of the operations himself due to The Starforce's failure. Yon Rogg however disagreed and went to continue the operations anyway, and though he was ordered not to do so. Yon Rogg then enters a hut near Carol's former house. Thinking that he found Carol Denvers, he actually shot a Skrull who revealed his true form as he died from the injuries. He later came back onto his ship, and in the same moment Carol found the core of energy which controlled her own powers, and took it back from Yon Rogg. However, Yon Rogg entered the scene with a blaster and was followed by his armored Starforce henchmen. He captured Carol and forced her into the Supreme Intelligence's office. The Supreme Intelligence reminded Carol that as Vers, she was gifted and added that she can take her powers away from her. The Supreme Intelligence also added to her speech that without the powers and gifts that she was given, Carol will be nothing more than a useless common human. Carol however told the Supreme Intelligence that there is nothing wrong with being human.

After escaping from The Intelligence's office and fully transforming herself into Captain Marvel, Carol, Nick Fury and The Skrulls led by Talos battled Yon Rogg and his enforcers. The entire Starforce was terminated with the exception of Yon Rogg and his hitwoman Minn-Erva. He ordered Minn-Erva to follow and kill the protagonists (excluding Carol) as they headed towards Earth. Commander Yon Rogg also drove a spaceship himself to hunt them down. However, Captain Marvel held onto his spaceship. He tried to kill her, but he did not manage to do so. Arriving to Earth, the ruthless commander informs Ronan about Carol's whereabouts. Carol however manages to defeat The Accuser's military force, and scare Ronan off, forcing him to retreat and to come back to Earth only after a very long time. Carol/Captain Marvel finds Yon Rogg in the desert, and confronts him. He tries to convince her to join The Starforce and serve The Kree once again, sarcastically telling her to show who she really is, and telling her that he only tried to help her. However, Captain Marvel tells him there is nothing to prove, meaning she refused once and for all to rejoin his forces. She used her powers to lock him inside his spaceship, and sent him to the Supreme Intelligence's office as she threatened him into delivering a message; that she will end The Supreme Intelligence and The Kree.