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Xenia Onatopp is the major antagonist of the video game and remake called GoldenEye 007.



Not much is revealed about Onatopp's past apart from being a Russian military and decorated figure of General Arkady Ourumov and during the Russian-Georgian War of August 2008. At some point the armed forces joined Janus Crime and the union with the official commander Ourumov. Later in her second year, she soon found James Bond who was in a nightclub in Barcelona and a Russian gangster named Valentin Zukovski. And when she disguised herself as a waitress, Onatopp made an offer of Vodka, which he acknowledged immediately, she excused himself and then continue to serve others. And after Bond met Zukovski, she gave him the drink, and he then revealed to him about Janus Group. And after that, she realizing something suspicious about Bond, she shot Zukovski, and confiscated Bond's gun and framed him for Zukovski's death, he then escapes her hands.

Then she meets in Dubai together with Ourumov, she steals a Canadian's passports, they have the prototype on the helicopter, and when they decide to use the magnetic cell phone, intending to make a terrorist attack using the two GoldenEye satellites to their advantage. However, Bond arrives in Saint Petersburg and manages to prevent Janus Syndicate's plans, by killing Ourumov, he then has a fight against Bond that he kills her with a pull.