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Barbara Ouiblert or also known as Lady Velrose or just Velrose is the main antagonist of episode 3 of the anime Sorcerer Hunters, she also appeared in for the first time in Volume 1: Chapter 5 in the manga.


Velrose is a rich and narcissistic young woman who attracts young people to her mansion, which she manipulates, then turns them to stone while others torture them for their own sadistic and evil pleasure. She later appears in her carriage walking around the city. She also receives the protagonist Carrot, she later orders her servant to bring the Carrot to her. Velrose then states that it will be his collection. However, what Velrose did not expect Carrot to discover its rotten. With that, Velrose starts attacking Carrot savagely. She also shows great pleasure in hurting him. But when Carrot's friends arrive to help him, Tira soon begins to fight Velrose, but when she starts to take advantage her. And with that, he makes Carrot a monster and kills her, although in the manga she dies differently during the fight against Tira, and falls into a pit of spikes.