Toot Braunstein
Toot Braunstein
Background information
Feature films Drawn Together Movie: The Movie
Television programs Drawn Together
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Tara Strong
Performance model
Inspiration Betty Boop
Character information
Other names Fatty, Fat-Ass
Personality Lazy, greedy, alcoholic, short-tempered, gluttonous, selfish, brutal
Affiliations Neutral
Goal Come out on top of the Housemates, Eat endlessly, Become Rich
Friends Captain Hero, Princess Clara, Xandir, Foxxy Love, Wooldoor, Spanky Ham, Ling-Ling
Enemies Network Head, Jew Producer (sometimes), Spanky Ham (sometimes), Princess Clara (sometimes)
Likes Food, drinking, having fun, eating,
Dislikes Not getting her way
Powers and abilities Super Eating
Typical Saying

Toot Braunstein is one of the main characters and anti-heroine in the adult-comedy series Drawn Together series. She acts as one of the most openly antagonistic of the "main cast" until more recent additions to the lore - where she was replaced by Princess Clara as the resident "bitch" of the cast. Toot is

Toot is a parody of many 1920s cartoon characters and a washed-up former sex symbol, she is also extremely violent and prone to grotesque moments of comedic sociopathy - though this trait is not unique to Toot and almost all characters in the show have displayed similar sociopathic behaviors at one point or another.



Toot threatening Wooldoor with a broken glass bottle.

Toot has a suicidal borderline personality who copes with life through alcoholismbinge eating, and self-mutilation. Toot can be quite delusional as she lives in a fantasy world, insisting that she is still a beautiful sex symbol under the delusion that all the men want her. Her extreme gluttony is one of her most exploited traits; Toot is known for eating indigestible objects such as a TV and a cell phone, particularly when frustrated (she eats the TV when she is unable to find the remote in "[Other Cousin|The Other Cousin]"). In "[Tale of Two Cows|A Tale of Two Cows]", Toot ate wall insulation that she thought was cotton candy, which made her mouth bleed. She frequently consumes enormous amounts of food in one sitting, and on occasion even resorts to cannibalism. (See Unusual items eaten, below.) Toot once [for a Reality Show|ate Ling-Ling] accidentally during an eating binge (she later regurgitated him), and [Girl|ate Wooldoor] once after announcing she could not stop eating (eventually defecating him into a puddle on the floor after adding that she had irritable bowel syndrome). She is also quite fond of cheese, as she is often seen eating cheese-related products; in "[Tub|Hot Tub]" she carries a can of spray cheese around with her for much of the episode, and in "[RAY|N.R.A.y RAY]", she wishes for a large amount of cheese. Her drinking is also mentioned frequently; her dependence on alcohol is in evidence in several different episodes, most notably in "[Pranking No. 2|Dirty Pranking No. 2]" and "[Girl|Captain Girl]". She is a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, though this has not curtailed her drinking to any visible degree; a phone conversation with her sponsor seems to indicate her unwillingness to admit how much of a problem she has. Toot is often prone to fits of rage and physical aggression seemingly at random.

Toot legitimately cannot understand why men are not attracted to her, and has developed a distinct bitterness because of it. In the [Tub|first episode], she had a crush on Xandir, but her affections were unrequited. When it was revealed [Bash|that he was gay], she comforted herself by saying that was the only reason why he didn't want to go out with her, until Wooldoor told her that "nobody likes fat chicks". Once she realized she had no hope of being considered the show's sex symbol, and that she enjoyed seeing Xandir panic after lying to him and his girlfriend, she decided to become the "bitch," intentionally trying to cause friction amongst the housemates by doing such things as [Dirty Little Secret|convincing Clara that she is pregnant with Foxxy's child], [for a Reality Show|eating all the food in the house], and [Nanny|lying to Super Nanny in order to get Captain Hero in trouble]. She is usually the first to take action whenever a conflict of some sort presents itself. She is the first one to pull a gun in the Mexican standoff scene in "[One Wherein There Is a Big Twist|The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist]", and suggests that the housemates destroy the house. She also reluctantly goes along with The Apprentice parody that results from Foxxy staging a sit-in, and recruits the losing housemates in an attempt to destroy the house.