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Tony Blundetto was the Cousin of Tony Soprano and Christopher Moltisanti. The three cousins grew up together, often playing on their Uncle Pat's Farm. Blundetto and Soprano would often bully Christopher. Blundetto and Soprano planned a high-jacking, however Soprano failed to show due to a panic attack brought on by an argument with his mother Livia. Blundetto was sent to prison. Soprano felt deep guilt over his cousin's incarceration which lasted 17 years and caused his wife to leave him as well as his daughter to run away. While in prison Blundetto became close friends with Angelo Garepe. After being released Blundetto rejected Soprano's offer to start working with the family in a stolen airbag scheme, wanting to go straight and enter into massage therapy. While disappointed Soprano respected his cousin's decision and got him a job working at a Landry Company working for a Korean man named Kim. Kim didn't trust Blundetto at all and took overt racial prejudice against him as he was a white ex con. When Kim later discovered Blundetto's aspirations to go into Massage therapy Kim's opinion began to change and he took a liking to Blundetto. With the help of his girlfriend Gwen Blundetto  passed his "New Jersy State Masage Licencing board Exam".Blundetto later came across a large quantity of money thrown out of a car by a paranoid Drug Dealer. He used the money to begin fixing the store upfront but then went on a self-destructive tear, going on nights out and spending the rest of the money on gambling, seemingly done in an attempt to "keep up" with the modestly wealthy members of Soprano's crew. After arguing with Gwen on the phone Blundetto took out his frustrations on Kim, beating him up though he claimed this was because he'd been doing the work. Blundetto then began working for his cousin and at his request Soprano put him in charge of the airbag scheme. Blundetto was offered a contract by Angelo and Rusty Milio to whack Joey Peeps in retaliation for Lorraine Calluzo's execution. Initially Blundetto rejected the idea but later decided his wasn't rising fast enough and decided to go through with it, killing Joey and the prostitute who was with him to eliminate witnesses. Soprano realized Blundetto's role in this but still chose to provide a false alibi to Johnny Sack. After Angelo was killed by John's men Billy and Phil Leotard. Blundetto flew into a rage wounding Phil and Killing Billy. Blundetto then went into hiding. Soprano struggled with what to do, wanting to keep his cousin safe but ultimately realized he couldn't afford to protect him and took Blundetto's life himself. Soprano did this because in an earlier meeting with Johnny Sack he was told Phil would torture Blundetto if he got his hands on him.