I told you don't trust anybody. Am I wrong about that?
~ Tobias Beckett revealing his true colors to Han Solo, attempting to manipulate him in a less friendly way
I prefer to be the only one holding a blaster while doing it
~ Beckett betraying both Han and Vos, revealing his ultimate scheme
Tobias Beckett
Background information
Feature films Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Actor Woody Harrelson
Performance model
Inspiration Bill Sykes
Character information
Other names Beckett, Buddy (by Han), The Big-Shot Gangster
Personality Mean, cruel, vain, greedy, selfish, egoistic, mean, calculative, destructive, devlish, mischeivous, tyrannical, brutesome, manipulative, remorseful, tragic, truly evil, cunning, charismatic, friendly (at times), enraged, strategic, treacherous, dismissive, failure-intolerant, old, humorous, tough, bossy, killjoy, sadistic, wrathul, pretentious, ambitious, megalomaniacal, menacing, pessimistic, dark, obsessed, merciless, crooked
Occupation Imperial Commander (briefly)
Crime Lord
Ally for Crimson Dawn and Dryden Vos (formerly)
Goal To profit from unsold Coaxium and transport it to many different gangs, such as The Crimson Dawn and become both rich and powerful (failed)
To manipulate and later to kill Han Solo (failed)
Home Glee Anselm
Friends Han Solo (pawn/formerly), Dryden Vos (pawn/formerly), Chewbecca (formerly), The Galactic Empire, Darth Maul (pawn)
Enemies Han Solo, Qira, Dryden Vos, Chewbecca, Enfy's Nest and her followers, The Rebellion
Minions His unnamed mercenaries, Aemon Gremm, Han Solo (formerly), Val,
Likes Money, power, being rich, cheating others, good deeds (eventually), Han's courage and goodness (eventually)
Dislikes Trust, Han Solo, Han interfering, loosing money and power, being poor, Han's courage and goodness (formerly), Good deeds (formerly), Qira, being threatened by allies like Dryden Vos or The Galactic Empire, Han disobeying him and not listening to his advice, failing to make money
Powers and abilities N/A
Weapons Gun
Fate Gets killed by Han Solo, and feels remorse for the first time
Typical Saying "Soon everyone will betray you and you will never be dissapointed"

I would have killed you
~ Beckett revealing Han that he would have killed him (eventually) if he had a chance

Tobias Beckett is the hidden main antagonist of Solo: A Star Wars Story, and the protagonist turned main antagonist of the comic book Beckett. Initially, he was Han Solo's best friend and mentor. However, Tobias was a deceptive and tyrannical person who worked closely to Crimson Dawn and their leader, Dryden Vos. He plotted to steal an Imperial coaxium generator and used both Han Solo and Vos as against each other so he could rob money from many gangs, including the Crimson Dawn.

Information Edit

Tobias Beckett is one of the most feared crime lords in the galaxy, and is a close ally for The Crimson Dawn. He transports coaxium full generators to various criminal gangs, and makes a profit by robbing their money and refusing to sell his items. He becomes Han Solo's fatherly figure and best friend. However, it was only as part of his plan to make more money, and to use him and The Crimson Dawn, one against the other.

History Edit

Star Wars: Beckett Edit

Beckett traveled with his crew, composed by his love interest Val and an ape called Rio, on his own pirate ship. Beckett attempted to steal blank I.D chips from Rebellion property, however, at the end he was caught by Enfy's Nest. He tried to kill Enfy's but Enfy's has escaped, and thereafter, Beckett swore his revenge and became an ambitious, ruthless crime lord.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Edit

Tobias Beckett at first employs Han Solo to The Imperial Academy. He reveals to Han that he was pretending to be an Imperial officer, just to steal a coaxium generator. He then sends Han to be eaten by Chewbecca, only to rescue him secretly later. He then discusses with Han and his crew around the bonfire, and Han reveals about Qira being his girlfriend, once upon a time. Later, Tobias and Han steal the coaxium. Beckett reveals that he is planning to transport it to a crime gang called The Crimson Dawn, lead by his ally, Dryden Vos. He explained to Han that if they don't transport it to Vos, then The Crimson Dawn will kill him for braking their deal, but that if he does, they will both be rich. Later, Beckett meets with Dryden Vos, who is disappointed about his failure to transport the coaxium to The Crimson Dawn. Han Solo however reveals a location of unrefined coaxium, which they can create a new generator with it. Dryden gave Beckett another opportunity to transport it and gain the money in return. He sent Han Solo as a pilot and Qira to accompany them both. Beckett during the start of the journey told Han not to trust anyone, specifically not Qira, so he could manipulate Han into becoming his best friend, and therefore, he can use him to rob The Crimson Dawn and transport it to another crime gang on Tatooine. Han used fake coaxium for creating the generator, however, Tobias, who seemed to support his plans to cheat Dryden Vos, has actually reported to Vos and The Crimson Dawn about Han's tricks and plans. Tobias has then sent mercenaries to find the generator of the real coaxium. However, it was revealed that Han stole it on time from The Cloud Raiders before Beckett could take it from them. Beckett then revealed that he has been using Crimson Dawn and Solo to rob Vos' money, and to make a profit of something which he wouldn't really sell. He then took Chewbecca as hostage, and went off to transport the coaxium to the gang on Tatooine. Han Solo however ran after him and eventually he caught up with Beckett, who was on his way to a Crimson Dawn ship. Beckett told Han once again not to trust Qira, as she does not love him and is only surviving for herself. Han however replied that Beckett has a problem; he manipulates everyone and causes them to distrust everyone, to gain all the money - and therefore the only one who cannot be trusted is Beckett. He then admits that he manipulated Solo, and adds that they weren't really friends. He was going to tell Han the most important thing about his scheme, but Han shot him out of anger. As Beckett fell on the floor, Han came closer to hear the important thing which Beckett had to tell him. Beckett revealed that he would have killed Han, but that he still appreciates Han's "problem"; Han is a good person who does not cheat or murder others for money.

Traits Edit

Abilities Edit

  • Gun Use - Beckett is a good skilled fighter and hunter, although his only dominant weapon is a fancy gun.
  • Master Manipulator - Tobias manipulated Han Solo throughout the entire film (until he was about to die) and used him for his own purposes. He was also very manipulative towards Dryden Vos, telling Han not to trust anyone, and using Vos and Han one against the other, as part of his ultimate scheme.
  • Intelligent Conspirator - He would conspire to sell his items to many gangs, instead of one ally, and he would make them war over the Coaxium generator, just so he could rob other people's money.

Weakness Edit

  • Arrogance - Beckett is a very arrogant and selfish person who does not care about anyone, and therefore, he manipulates Han in a way that he won't be able to trust anybody. Beckett's arrogance eventually lead him to his own failure. Han eventually realized that Beckett was manipulating him all along for his own benefit, and Han stood against him, and then managed to kill him before he could kill Han.

Personality Edit

He is a greedy, egoistic and ruthless individual who manipulates Han, as well as many different crime organizations for his own benefit. Although Dryden was seemingly the direct threat during the film, Beckett revealed a far worse and more threatening plan which was to transport the coaxium generator to many different gangs and gain money by not selling it proper. At the end, although he does pay his price, he also gets to show some remorse towards Han. However, that was only because he was dying and he had no other chance.

Similar Villains Edit

Bill Sykes - they are both treacherous and brutesome criminal masterminds who will plot against anyone just to gain some money.

Prince Hans - both are cunning and seem to be polite.

Henry J. Waternoose - both are old people who seem to be father like figures for the hero (Waternoose for Sulley and Beckett for Han Solo). However, as they reveal their true colors, they become much darker, more treacherous and are willing to achieve their goals in any means necessary.


Trivia Edit

  • He shares the family name of Lord Cutler Beckett, one of the main villains of the Pirates Of The Carribean franchise.
  • Though Tobias is the true main antagonist of the film, Dryden Vos serves as the direct threat until his true colors are revealed.
  • He is based on Bill Sykes from Oliver Twist, a treacherous criminal who uses many people for his own wealth.