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Background information
Feature films Megamind
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Jonah Hill
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Kind, loving (both formerly), Idiotic, rude, destructive, vengeful, cruel, sadistic, bratty, ruthless, short-tempered
Appearance (As Hal): Overweight, chubby face, red hair and eyes
(As Tighten): Tall, muscular, puffy red hair and eyes
Occupation Super-villain
Affiliations Good, later Bad
Goal To be with Roxanne, and later to destroy Metro City
Home Metro City
Enemies Megamind, Roxanne Ritchi, Minion, Metro Man
Likes Roxanne (formerly), dating Roxanne, getting what he wants
Dislikes Roxanne rejecting him, Megamind making a fool out of him, Metro Man
Powers and abilities Super strength, heat vision, flight
Fate De-powered by Megamind and imprisoned
Quote "You should stop comparing me to Metro Man!"
"You're supposed to be with me!"
"This is the last time you make a fool out of me!"
"Game over."

Hal Stewart, later known as Tighten, is the main antagonist of Megamind. He was Roxanne Ritchi's assistant and secretly harbored a crush on her, and was later given super-powers by Megamind, who trained him to be Metro City's new protector after Metro Man seemingly died. However, after Roxanne rejected him he decided to become evil. He is voiced by Jonah Hill.


Hal first appears during a camera shooting with Roxanne. He then tells her that if he were a super-hero, Megamind, Metro City's super-villain, would never succeed in kidnapping her. Moments later, Megamind's henchman Minion kidnaps Roxanne, much to Hal's horror.

Shortly afterwards, Megamind apparently kills Metro Man and takes over the city. However, Hal was not distressed over Metro Man's apparent demise. At some point, Megamind became bored at having nobody to fight after he defeated Metro Man, so he created a serum with Metro Man's DNA to give somebody else Metro Man's superpowers so he could protect Metro City. However, at some point, Roxanne confronted Megamind, and in the ensuing struggle, the gun containing the serum was shot through a pipe and struck Hal, which gave him Metro Man's superpowers.

Megamind and Minion donned new disguises and informed Hal that they were his Space Dad and Space Step-mom. The two then trained Hal to use his super powers so he could one day battle Megamind, and gave him to alias of Titan, though Hal mispronounced it Tighten. However, Hal started to show psychotic behavior, such as melting a wax Megamind figure with sadistic glee. Also, Hal mainly agreed to become a super-hero so Roxanne would date him.

One night, Hal revealed himself to Roxanne, and deliberately endangered her life so he could "save" her. However, to his anguish, Roxanne refused to date him. Shortly afterwards, he witnessed Roxanne dating Megamind disguised as Bernard. At this, Tighten decided to denounce his super-hero status and instead opted to be a super-villain, stealing money, ATM machines and other expensive things for fun. At the same time, Megamind was discovered to be Bernard by Roxanne, leading her to reject him. A dejected Megamind then vowed to battle Tighten, and appeared in a giant robot suit, challenging him to battle. However, Tighten didn't appear.

Furious, Megamind confronted Hal at his apartment, where Tighten revealed he wished to team up with Megamind to rule the city. A horrified Megamind then revealed that he had deceived Hal and was really his Space Dad, and then revealed he had been dating Roxanne under the guise of Bernard. An enraged Hal then attacked Megamind, leading to a battle throughout the city. Eventually, Tighten gained the upper hand and destroyed Megamind's robot suit. However, in his rage, he tried to murder Megamind, but only succeeded in driving him off. Initially, the city rejoiced that Tighten had "saved" then from Megamind, but he then revealed his intentions of controlling Metro City, and went on a rampage.

Megamind and Roxanne then ventured on to find Tighten's weakness, and in the process discovered Metro Man, who had faked his death so he could be a musician. Metro Man refused to return to fight Tighten, and a distressed Megamind turned himself over to jail, leaving Roxanne to confront Tighten. However, Tighten took Roxanne hostage and ordered Megamind to come and fight him. Megamind, upon seeing Roxanne in danger, complied and he and Minion went off to battle him.

Minion disguised himself as Megamind and attempted to save Roxanne, but his armor was pierced by a building thrown by Tighten. Tighten then proceeded to try and kill Roxanne, but the real Megamind appeared in disguise as Metro Man. Horrified, Tighten attempted to flee, and "Metro Man" ordered Tighten to leave the city. However, Tighten noticed that "Metro Man" Had pronounced Metro City as "Metrocity", which only Megamind did, and returned to attack Megamind.

During the fight, Megamind gained the gun needed to depower Tighten, but he was violently tossed into the air. With Megamind temporarily dealt with, Tighten turned his attention to Roxanne and tried to incinerate her with his heat vision. However, Megamind landed in front of him and successfully depowered Tighten, returning him to his original state. Hal was then imprisoned in jail.


  • Despite most promotional material portraying Tighten wearing a mask, he only wears the mask in one scene of the film.
  • Tighten bears resemblance to Snotty Boy from the 2006 movie, Barnyard.
  • As memes about incels, simps, and r/niceguys rose to popularity, Tighten has been frequently discussed more due to fitting all three categories.