• You've created a few pages here but a lot of what you've added has been to add categories. Try to cut down on only adding categories. Spend time working on the pages themselves.

    A lot of times when people only add categories, they're not really helping improve the page. They add categories just to add categories. In many cases, there's nothing on the page to prove that the categories are correct. In extreme cases, there's dozens of categories and one or two sentences.

    Categories should be used to help organize the page, not as a substitute for writing details on the page. If you can help out by adding categories only when necessary, that would be appreciated.

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    • Most of the categories you have been adding are definitely wrong. You have attempted to say that many characters are simultaneously a lion, a bear, a dog, a rodent and/or a dionsaur, all a the same time, even if they are a human or a toy.

      Every instance where you add a category that is definitely wrong is false information. In other words, lying. People that continue to add false information are in fact committing vandalism.

      I suggest you stop before this goes any further.

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    • There were more instances of adding the "lions" and "rodents" categories to a page where it was definitely wrong. I am now an administrator on this wiki so I will give you fair warning that I have the ability to set blocks when things like false information is added.

      I will also be discussing with the other admin about making category spamming a blockable offence. In my experience, people that spend most or all their time adding only categories do not add anything useful to a page. Categories are used as an excuse not to write anything about the character, so we wind up with pages that have one or two sentences on them and dozens of categories. Each category is an opportunity to say something about the character, but too many people take the easy way out and slap a category on it which doesn't provide any proof that it's correct.

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    • Since you've continued to engage in category spamming and some of those categories were deliberately wrong, you are now blocked from editing here for three months. Be aware that the next block here will be for six months if you continue, and I will take into account if you continue doing this on other wikis. Further instances on other wikis where I am an admin may result in blocks being placed on those wikis and here.

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