Thrax (2)
Background information
Feature films Osmosis Jones
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Laurence Fishburne
Performance model
Character information
Other names Big Daddy Thrax, The Red Death
Personality Murderous, sophisticated, egotistical, persuasive, arrogant, calm, loyal, destructive, mysterious, deceitful, fiendish, baleful, snooty, pompous, greedy, violent, sinister, ambitious, conniving, egocentric, duplicitous, manipulative, intelligent, pernicious, deceptive, uncaring, jealous, lethal, scary, evil, nasty, wicked, callous, sadistic
Appearance Slender, red skin, purple hair, yellow eyes, black robe
Occupation Virus
Goal Become the deadliest virus by killing Frank DeTorre within two days (failed)
Enemies Osmosis Jones
Minions Germs and viruses
Likes Killing white blood cells
Dislikes Being ignored
Powers and abilities
Weapons Long claw
Fate Gets destroyed by alcohol
Typical Saying "You incubate! I said 48 hours, I'm gonna make my deadline. Medical books aren't written about losers!"

Thrax is the main antagonist of the 2001 live action/animated Warner Bros. film, Osmosis Jones. He is an extremely virulent, one-of-a-kind virus, whose goal in life is to kill all his targets faster than the previous one, to make sure that history would remember him as the deadliest virus known to man.

Role in the filmEdit

In the beginning of the movie, Thrax enters the body of Frank De Torre, a widower without the slightest regard for hygiene and health, right after he eats an egg that had monkey saliva on it and then fell on a muddy floor. He then enters Frank City, a city inside Frank's body where all his body cells are living a life identical to that of humans. Thrax quickly takes control of the many gangs of bacteria present and plans to take advantage of Frank's poor health condition to operate undetected.

Osmosis Jones, one of Frank's white blood cells who acts as an elite police officer, and a cold pill named Drix soon discover that something dangerous is going on,