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The Wolfman
Background information
Feature films The Wolf Man
Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man
The Wolfman
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Actor Benicio el Toro
Lon Chaney, Jr.
Voice Frank Welker (Growls & Howls)
Performance model Jerry Nelson (puppeteer)
Matt Vogel (puppeteer)
Character information
Other names Wolfman, Larry (referred to by his father), Lawrence Talbot (real name)
Personality Savage, aggressive, tragic
Appearance Muscular furry man with fangs and claws
Occupation Werewolf
Affiliations Good/Neutral, later good
Goal To be killed so he cannot kill anyone else (Formerly)

To be bitten so he can be free from his werewolf curse (succeeded).

Friends Sir John Talbot (formerly)
Enemies Sir John Talbot
Minions Theodore (formerly)
Likes Killing (Formerly), Not harming others
Dislikes Not harming others (Formerly), Killing
Powers and abilities
Weapons Claws, fangs
Fate Gets killed
Gets bitten by Theodore and was free from the curse.
Typical Saying "Thank you."

The Wolfman is the titular character in The Wolf Man and its remake. He is a werewolf and one of the most famous monsters put on film. In the original film he is played by Lon Chaney, Jr. and in the remake he is played by Benicio Del Toro. His name is Larry Talbot in the original film, but in the remake his first name is Lawrence.


The Wolf ManEdit

Larry Talbot has learned that his brother has dioed and returns to his original home Llanwelly, Wales, to meet and reconcil with his father Sir John Talbot, who is deeply depressed about his son's death. Larry begins a romance with Gwen Conliffe, the owner of an antique shop. Soon after, he believes that Gwen's friend Jenny is under attack in the forest and attacks a werewolf and kills the beast with a walking stick but is bitten by the werewolf. People blame Jenny for being responsible for the death of Bela, a gypsy. He seeks a gypsy fortuneteller named Meleva, who reveals that her son Bela was the werewolf who bit him, and that she has passed the curse on him and he will transform into a werewolf. Shortly after, Larry realizes his legs a furry, and his fur grows over his body and he becomes a werewolf and wonders the forest and comes across the local gravedigger and mauls him to death. He reverts back to human form but he uncontrollably transforms into a werewolf the next night and attacks Gwen in the forest but he is attacked by John Talbot, who beats him to death with the walking stick. Larry reverts to human form in front of his horrified father. The police arrive on the scene and assume that Larry tried to fight off the Wolfman and was killed, much to Gwen's horror.