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I, Edward Nigma, have placed a dazzling selection of challenges and puzzles around Arkham. Can you solve them all? Will you find all my trophies? Are you ready to give up yet? Your puny mind is no match for my own.
~ The Riddler

The Riddler is a villain in DC comics, and one of Batman's most prominent enemies.


In the 8th Annual of Detective Comics, "Questions Multiply The Mystery", it was revealed that Edward Nashton was raised in Waterbury. Seeking answers to every question that popped into his mind, he found himself asking endless streams of queries to adults, who would often get annoyed with him. One day at school, Edward heard about a contest from his teacher. The contest was to assemble a puzzle in the least amount of time. The winner would receive a prize.


Seeking not only victory and reward but also attention and popularity, Edward became set on winning the contest. Each night, he broke into the school and practiced solving the puzzle. He practiced until he was able to solve the puzzle in fifteen seconds. After winning the contest, Edward received a book of puzzles and riddles, beginning his fascination with brain-teasers. However, after the contest, he only received attention from bullies, and not the kind he wanted. Years passed, and Nashton found himself in the working class population. He described it as 'Being in Hell". Turning to crime as a mere reach of entertainment, Nashton discovered that he was not satisfied with simply committing a crime. He had to create hype and had to make himself known, thus becoming the Riddler (even changing his surname to Nygma). His first 'Riddle Crime' was ignored by the police. So, in return, the Riddler planned his next crime, only this time, he made sure his intentions were known. In his first confrontation with Batman, the Riddler managed to get away, but his fascination and compulsion for riddles only grew to include matching wits with the caped crusader. In his next crime, he would need assistants, but such were difficult to find with his lack of title. Riddler tried to raise funds for his next crime by himself, which led him to encounter his future assistants, Query and Echo. Query and Echo were devoted assistants, if not "a bit on the wild side".

The Riddler

In his next crime, the Riddler used much more elaborate riddles and tricks to throw the police off of his intentions. Although Batman was able to see through the tricks, Riddler had already committed his crime, and was fleeing to his hideout. Batman eventually caught up to him and was able to subdue him and take out Query and Echo, though not for long. the Riddler got away, later meeting up with his assistants again. Though he lost most of the money he stole from the banks, the Riddler did gain reputation. Now more infamous, the Riddler was able to get more muscle to match with his mind for his next crime. Unfortunately for the Riddler, Batman caught up to him and was able to take out his hired hands, and then drag him to Arkham.


The Riddler was created by Bill Finger and Dick Sprang in 1948.

Character Evolution

The Riddler has evolved in many ways since his first appearance in Detective Comics #140. In the Pre-Crisis continuity prior to the 60s, the Riddler wore a tight green spandex outfit and tried baffling Batman and Robin. However, following Frank Gorshin's rendition of the character, the outfit was changed into a green suit with a bowler hat.

Nygma continued to try baffling the Dark Knight and his allies, although over time his plans became more elaborate and more crafty. Following Batman Forever, The Riddler was given a question mark cane as a weapon. When Paul Dini took over Detective Comics, the Riddler's character was flushed out in the lines of what side he would be on. At that point of time he became a detective and was an ally to Batman and Nightwing. However, more recently he has stepped back to his original criminal ways, although he does not remember much of his crimes.

Major Story Arcs

The Long Halloween

Mob boss Carmine "The Roman" Falcone hires the Riddler to figure out who the Holiday Killer is. Despite giving several reasonable theories as to who is behind the killer's identity, the Roman eventually loses his patience. Carmine orders his daughter,Sophia, to force the Riddler to leave. Upon exiting Falcone's office, the Riddler is attacked, but for some reason left alive, by Holiday. The attack was planned to coincide with the holiday of April Fool's Day, and several items pertaining to it were left at the scene. This may be why the Riddler was left alive, as matters are traditionally reversed on the holiday.

Dark Victory

Batman turns to the Riddler to figure out the significance of the lost games of hangman that are left at the scenes of the Hangman killer's crimes. He later showed up as a member of Two-Face's jury during the Hangman's trial. After the Hangman murders, Riddler is hired by the Russian mob to decipher Commissioner Jim Gordon's coded journal which contains secret information that Batman provides him on a nightly basis. Fortunately, Catwoman decides to help Batman and Batgirl retrieve the journal after being double crossed by the Russians for stealing it in the first place.

The Riddle Factory

The Riddler hosts an underground television broadcast called "The Riddle Factory." Each contestant is put into a deadly death trap that can only be shut down by answering a riddle correctly. However, there is a method to Riddler's madness. Riddler held each of his broadcasts at an establishment that once belonged to "Scarface" Scarelli. Don Scarelli ruled Gotham's criminal underworld until the Falcones came into power. Scarelli was eventually convicted for his crimes and sentenced to death. Scarelli was later hung on the Gallows Tree at Blackgate Penitentiary . Scarelli's remaining lieutenants had heard a rumor that Scarelli had hid his entire fortune somewhere in Gotham but he never passed on the location of his secret safe. It wasn't until later that the Riddler heard about Scarelli's fabled fortune and took it upon himself to find Scarelli's legendary vault which supposedly housed millions. Riddler tracked down all of Scarelli's former holdings in real estate and orchestrated the Riddle Factory game show as a distraction while his men searched each area for the vault. Unfortunately, Riddler came no closer to finding Scarelli's vault like so many others before him because Batman and Gordon managed to outsmart him.

The Primal Riddle

Later on, the Riddler engineers what could possibly be called one of his greatest deathtraps: Batman is thrown into a narrow pit that is slowly filling up with water. The walls are electrically wired, and a set of bumpers are the only thing that prevents the water from touching the walls and causing Batman to die by electrocution. The only options Batman appears to have are death by electrocution and death by drowning, but as always, Batman manages to tamper with the traps design and develop a route of escape.


The Riddler had a working relationship with the Cluemaster, although he initially resented the villain for seemingly copying his modus operandi. In their first encounter, he set his fellow rogue up with a bomb and sent Batman off chasing riddles that would lead to its defusing, as well as away from his real plan: to steal a vast amount of priceless baseball merchandise. The two teamed up on a few occasions afterward, and were working together on a big scheme shortly before Cluemaster's apparent death in the pages of The Suicide Squad.

No Man's Land

After Gotham City is ravaged by an earthquake and Arkham Asylum frees its inmates, the Riddler elects to flee Gotham rather than stay behind in the lawless chaos that ensues. It is during this period that he makes the poor choice of attacking Black Canary and Green Arrow in Star City, where he is easily defeated. This event helps lay the foundations for Riddler's future confrontations with Green Arrow.


The Riddler played a tremendously vital part in the "Hush" crisis. Riddler, aware that he was dying of cancer, cleverly and secretly found one of Ra's Al Ghul's Lazarus Pits and used it unbeknown to its owner, curing himself of the fatal affliction. Doctor Thomas Elliot (whose vengeance and greed would later transform him into the criminal Hush)


happened upon Riddler as the latter was suffering through brain cancer (Edward was, at the time, using the name Arthur Wynne--a tribute to the inventor of the crossword puzzle). Upon approaching Riddler about the villain's miraculous recovery from cancer, Riddler offered the location of a Lazarus Pit to heal Tommy's wealthy and dying mother--for a price, naturally. However, Tommy had other things in of which was securing his dying mother's fortune before he wrought his revenge on Bruce Wayne. Guided by Riddler's complex plan, he and Hush manipulated a variety of Batman's rogues to destroy Batman, piece by piece. Riddler played Joker, Clayface, Poison IvyHarley Quinn, Scarecrow, Killer Croc, Ra's al Ghul, Lady Shiva, and Talia al Ghul like pawns--a brilliant set of moves that would eventually earn him brutal penance from an unhappy lot of Arkham frequents. Additionally, the clarity of mind that Riddler regained after his recovery resulted in him solving the greatest riddle of his lifetime: that Bruce Wayne is Batman. He used this information to hurt Batman with emotional agony; namely, using the memory of the deceased Jason Todd, the second Robin. Upon Riddler's insistence, Clayface impersonated Todd to make this horrifying memory a reality again. Eventually Batman caught up to Riddler's plot and parried wits with the rogue who knew his identity, ensuring Riddler's silence--after all, what worth is a riddle whose answer everyone knows?

Later, Hush reappeared and beat Riddler senseless. Riddler sought refuge with the Joker, which did not work out, and then Poison Ivy, who expressed her discontent about his earlier manipulation in a very harmful, humiliating way. Spiraling into a depth of doubt and darker insanity, Edward lived among the homeless until an ex-NASA decoder discovered him, and helped him recover his wits and self. He had trouble with Green Arrow, Arsenaland the Outsiders.


During the Infinite Crisis arc, Nigma is struck in the head by Shining Knight's mace which results in him falling into a coma. Nigma came out of his coma one year later. While seemingly having overcome his compulsion for riddles, Riddler's intelligence, personality, and over-inflated ego remained. Now rejecting the title 'The Riddler' and instead going by his real name, Nygma reclaimed his life in a new hue; amassing a fortune legally as a private detective. Nigma is on the right side of the law, even if he is still yearning for that insatiable thrill of crime that his intellect demands. Riddler has since worked alongside Batman in solving a number of crimes, although Batman does so reluctantly and suspicion as to his true motives. Later, Nygma was hired by Nightwing to investigate a series of museum robberies. Riddler also helped Mary Marvel defeat Clayface and in witnessing her actions suggested that she seek help. Riddler at one time saved a badly injured Dick Grayson, after he was attacked during a gang war between Tobias Whale and the Penguin. During this event, he managed to deduce the identity of Nightwing.

Nygma was later seen being kept in a vegetative state by Poison Ivy in his penthouse, which she had claimed as her hideout. After his home was damaged by a new villain hoping make a name for himself by killing Catwoman, Riddler breaks out of his trance via the new villain's elbow knocking him in the jaw. Upon seeing the damage done to his home, he proceeded to attack the assailant, who had caused the damage while tussling with Catwoman, Ivy, and Harley, who had also been using his penthouse for refuge. Not long after, during a case, Eddie discovered that murders were being carried out by a gang looking to replace Riddler in the crime world, due to his reformation. With the help of Dick Grayson as Batman, the group was thwarted. Having recently had a bomb go off near his face, scarring him, Nigma had begun using his old Riddler mask again. Nigma also seemed to be acting suspiciously, suggesting that he may very well be returning back to a life of crime. This is also hinted out later when Nigma helped his neutral associates Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley solve a murder, only to find out the girls only used him as bait for Dr. Aesop, who the girls suspected of trying to run them out of their home. Leaving feeling betrayed Nygma brushed off the sirens attempts to get back on good terms, contemplating whether he should return to his villainous roots.

Life After Death

Edward Nigma reappears as a shady detective during a series of bizarre copycat murders to assist Dick Grayson. The murders resemble the MO of several different villains in Batman's rogues gallery including Victor Zsasz, Mr. Freeze, and Penguin. Nigma later presents Grayson photographic evidence of a person present at several of the murder scenes and it's revealed to be Sebastian Blackspell. Grayson goes to track him only to find another mutilated body and a picture of what looks like a dead Nygma. Grayson spots Blackspell and chases him down only to lose him and finds evidence hinting that the Blackspell he confronted was someone else in disguise.

Nigma was later found by Dick Grayson in his office in a catatonic state. It seemed as though he had been poisoned by Joker Venom. Dick assumes that this was the Joker's handy work but it turns out that Sebastian Blackspell made a derivative of Joker Venom and used it on Nygma. Dick Grayson learns from an incarcerated Garfield Lynns that Riddler was once affiliated in a criminal organization led by Sebastian Blackspell and that Blackspell is most likely unhappy with the results of Riddler's reformation as a PI and is seeking revenge.

While being treated at Gotham Hospital, Nygma was attacked by Blackspell, who intended to inject him with a mutating compound that can transform its recipients into plant hybrids as revenge for stealing his money and his life. Fortunately, Dick intercedes and Blackspell is injected with the dangerous compound in an accident that Nygma may have purposely caused because Dick was starting to suspect that Nigma injected himself with Joker Venom and was behind everything.

Blackspell transforms into a crazed wooden monster and is defeated by Dick which allows Riddler time to suspiciously escape to avoid further interrogation. Dick later learns that a large amount of Blackspell's money was transferred to an anonymous account & suspects the receiver is Edward Nigma. He also suspects Nigma was responsible for the copycat murders and framed Blackspell so Dick would be tricked into helping Nigma escape Blackspell's intended revenge. Dick notes that Riddler has a lot to answer for.

Mask of the Beholder

Riddler is later seen with his daughter Enigma while they beat Batman (Dick Grayson) to a bloody pulp. Fortunately, Damian Wayne, the new Robin, intervenes and Riddler along with Enigma escape. Later on, Riddler and Enigma are discussing another business proposition with a mysterious woman who resembles two-face. They talk as if they have worked together before, but because of the Riddler's amnesia he can't remember it. She gives him money, his criminal records, and other files from the district attorney's office.


Riddler is seen to be helping Gilda Dent (the woman discussed in the previous paragraph) escape from Mario Falcone through a complex plot involvingTwo-Face. Two-Face seems to have lost his coin, and it is mailed to him with a note saying "answer the phone". Two-Face goes to a public pay phone and is confronted by a man sitting in it, saying "Drawwww, cowboy!" and pointing a crossbow at Two-Face. Two-Face shoots quickly, but soon discovers that it was a recording and puppet. Knockout gas then fills the phone booth. He wakes up tied up in front of Mario Falcone. He is beaten, and finally shot by his former wife, Gilda. He is seen to be coming out of a grave, and immediately being knocked out again. He wakes up in Riddler's lair, and starts beating him up, and quickly realizes that Riddler set up the recording in the phone booth. Riddler shows Harvey a bulletproof vest that Gilda or Riddler must have put on him when he was being brought to Falcone so he would survive to act out Gilda's plan. He joins forces with Two-face on his fight against the Falcone family.

He is next seen shooting several people to get to a library, where he finds his file from the district attorney's office. He finds three different pages. One from his early years as a villain (with skin tight costume), another with his suit jacket and bowler and then another from his time as a reformed detective. With his life and memories collected, a new arc begins in Riddler's character. And it begins with the death of Enigma! The End?

Zero Year

For more information see Zero Year.

Following the New 52 reboot of the DC Universe, Riddler was back in Arkham Asylum.

In Batman's New 52 origin story, it is revealed that Riddler had risen to prominence in Wayne Enterprises, which was at the time under the control of Bruce Wayne's uncle, Philip Kane. When Philip finds out that he had sent the Red Hood Gang to kill Bruce, Riddler kills him, activating the magnetic plate in his head.

Leaving Wayne Enterprises, Riddler causes a massive blackout in Gotham City, taking out all the power in the city, just as a massive hurricane is about to hit the coast.

Forever Evil

For more information see Forever Evil: Arkham War.

When the Crime Syndicate takes control of Earth, Riddler is freed from Arkham Asylum along with the other inmates. The city is divided up into various parts by the Penguin, and Riddler situates himself within the Gotham Public Library. When a war breaks out between the former Arkham Asylum inmates, led by Scarecrow, and the former Blackgate Inmates, led by Bane, Riddler decides to remain neutral.

Death of the Family

Riddler appears in Death of the Family as one of Joker's minions. He helps Joker with his plan to capture Batman but he is betrayed at the end.

Powers & Abilities

Riddler has a vast fortune that he has acquired over the years. Due to him being a very successful costume criminal. Edward is a super genius with a brilliant deductive mind. He excels at problem solving, especially puzzles. He loves creating dangerous death traps while his opponents desperately try to solve his riddles. Riddler wants prove he is smarter than everybody else. This is why he is obsessed especially with Batman.


Riddler commits crimes because it is thrilling. All he cares is about the chase.He is perfectly capable of committing those crimes without being caught by the likes of Batman. He only gets caught because he needs to leave clues behind. It isn't fun if the chances are that you won't get caught.

Equipment: gadgets vary, the most frequent seen is a gold walking stick with a question mark-shaped handle. This cane has several weapons and computer gadgetry within. He also has been known to use holograms to confuse his stalkers.

Transportation: car with question marks decorating the side of it or on the license plate

Weapons: exploding jigsaw puzzle pieces and crossword puzzle throwing nets


Through his many crimes, Riddler has used a variety of henchmen. Some were ordinary thugs while others had to wear symbols upon their shirts. The henchmen who actually were named (other than the numerous "Marks") include Diedre Vance and Nina Damfino (better known as the duo Query and Echo). Eddie has also worked with a henchwoman named Quelle, though this was only a one time job. He worked with another woman this time named Sphinx Scromulski, though this partnership was also a one time event as Sphinx died in that very job.


Height - 6'1"

Weight - 183 lbs (83.0 kg)

Eyes - Usually shown as blue however some colorists have shown him with green, brown, or even purple eyes.

Hair - Usually black however sometimes he is shown with ginger/red hair or brown hair.

Alternate Versions

Big Question (Amalgam Universe)

Big Question is a combination of Riddler and the Marvel Comics character namedKingpin.

Enigma (Antimatter Universe)

This version of Riddler is named Edward Nashton. Enigma was once a hero who fought against the Crime Syndicate of Amerika. However, at the same time the regular universe Riddler was reformed private Investigator, Enigma resorted to vile methods to change his world. Later, he returned to being a hero along side his daughter, Stephanie Nashton.

Enigma (Emperor Joker)

For More information: Emperor Joker

The Riddler has a place in The Joker's JLA as Enigma, who is described as an irrational man of mystery. It only becomes apparent that Enigma is the Riddler when Mr. Mxyzptlk refers to him by his more famous title.

After talking to Mr. Mxyzptlk and realizing that the Joker is going to destroy the universe Enigma deduces a plan to destroy The Joker with the rest of the JLA. The plan fails due to vast extent of Joker's powers, and Enigma and the JLA are destroyed.

Riddler (Earth-3)

Similar to Enigma, this version of Riddler is a hero. He headed the Riddler Family, which included Duela Dent and Three Face (whom he was romantically involved with). He fought along side the Jokester against the Crime Society (better known as the Crime Syndicate), who later killed him.

Other Media


Batman (1966)

He appears in the 1966 played by Frank Gorshin. his portrayal was the same as the TV series. He annoyed the other villains of the film (Joker, Penguin, Catwoman) by sending Batman and Robin clues.

Batman Forever

In the 1995 film, Batman Forever, The Riddler, portrayed by Jim Carrey, plays a large role in the storyline, being one of the main villains next to Tommy Lee Jones playing Harvey Dent, a.k.a Two-Face. Edward Nigma is a researcher for Wayne Enterprises, and discovers a new technology that would allow television broadcasts to be transmitted directly into the audience's brains. Wayne rejects the idea, saying it 'raises too many questions'. An enraged Nigma finally snaps and goes insane, and when his boss tries to terminate the project, Nigma uses the invention to murder him and make it appear as though it were a suicide. He then resigns from Wayne Enterprises. Renaming himself 'The Riddler', the newly formed villain begins to try and build a name for himself by forming an alliance with Two-Face, so that the two can find out Batman's true identity. During their first attempt, Two-Face and Riddler murder Dick Grayson's parents, unintentionally creating Robin, Dick Grayson's alter ego and sidekick to Batman.

Using his invention, Riddler discovers Bruce Wayne's true identity, and Two-Face attempts to kill him at a party. Robin manages to save Batman, but the Riddler and Two-Face capture his love-interest, Dr. Chase. They leave riddles to give Batman clues as to where they've taken her.

Riddler's Riddles:

If you look at the numbers on my face you won't find 13 in anyplace (a clock)

Take 1 off and scratch my head, what once was red is black instead (a match)

8 of us go forth not back, to protect our King from the foe's attack (chess pawns)

There are 5 of us of a different sort, you'll find us all in a tennis court (vowels, A,E,I,O,U)

All of the riddles delivered to Batman have a number according to the place of a letter in the alphabet: M is letter 13, 1 and 8 together make 18 which is R, and E is letter 5, forming "Mr. E", which sounds like "mystery" and another word for "mystery" is "enigma", revealing the identity of the Riddler as Mr. Edward Nigma.

Once they discover the Riddler's identity, they find the Riddler's lair. Robin is captured by Two-Face, and The Riddler tries to Force Batman to choose between his love and his ward, in attempts to discover whether he is truly Bruce Wayne or Batman. Batman finds a way to save both of the hostages and destroy the Brain Wave invention in the process, using it on Riddler to force him to have a mental breakdown. At Arkham when being interviewed by Dr. Chase, Riddler believes himself to be Batman, having ripped and torn his uniform to resemble bat wings.

Batman: Under the Red hood

Eddie makes a cameo in a flashback where then robin Jason Todd defeats him and his henchmen. He is voiced by none other than Bruce Timm (though he only groaned in the scene).


Batman (1966)

Riddler was played by Frank Gorshin in this series. It is worth mentioning that Frank's portrayal of Riddler soared the character to fame. Frank Gorshin played the Riddler in nine episodes of the 1960s Batman television series as well as the spinoff movie, with John Astin substituting once on the series. The popular television series was inspired by the first silver age appearance of the Riddler, with the premiere episode being an adaptation of Batman #171.

Before the television series, the character was a minor villain with only three appearances in two decades, but the exposure of the series - especially with Gorshin's extremely popular interpretation - elevated the character in the comics to a major enemy. The Riddler's real name was never mentioned in the TV show. In addition, Gorshin, disliking the traditional jumpsuit of the comics, designed a distinctive green and question mark decorated business suit and derby hat as an alternative costume. This change in wardrobe style would be reflected in subsequent adaptations and eventually adapted in the comics themselves to reflect the character's greater sense of intellectual dignity. Gorshin also appeared to dislike the domino mask on the costume, often having his character wearing it either propped high above his eyes or dangling around his neck. The Riddler was the first villain to appear on the show.

Gorshin also portrayed the Riddler in Legends of the Superheroes in 1979.

OnStar commercial (2000)

In one of the Batman OnStar commercials, the Riddler was portrayed by Brian Stepanek.

The Batman/Superman Hour (1968)

This was Riddler's first appearance in animated form. He was voiced by Ted Knight & is a regularly used villain in the series.

Super Friends (1978-1980)

Super friends Riddler

He appears as one of the 13 members of the Legion of Doom on "Challenge of the Super Friends" and was voiced by Michael Bell. Unlike his comic book counterpart, Riddler seems to possess magical skills in the series. He plays an active role in six episodes and has an on-screen cameo in every other episode of the season. On the "Super Friends" series that consisted of 7-minute short episodes instead of half-hour episodes like on "Challenge of the Super Friends," Riddler only appeared once in an episode entitled "Around The World in 80 Riddles."

Batman The Animated Series

Riddler appeared as game designer who sought revenge on his employer for cheating him out of his money.He is voiced by John Glover. He stars in only 3 episodes ("If You're So Smart Why Aren't You Rich?", "What is Reality?", & "Riddler's Reform") but is referenced several times in the series and makes a cameo in "Trial".

Superman: The Animated Series

John Glover reprises his role as the Riddler in the Superman: The Animated Series.

Batman Beyond (2000)

A Riddler Drone, along with Two-Face and Killer Croc, fights Terry McGinnis. He does not speak.

The Batman (2005)

In 2005, a new interpretation of the Riddler debuted in Batman: the animated series episode “Riddled”. In this version, the Riddler returns with a Gothic look, he is voiced by Robert Englund. The Riddler also appeared in the episodes “Night and the City”, “Riddler’s Revenge”, “Rumors”, and made a cameo in "Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind". This version of the Riddler has the same characteristics as Nigma in the old series. To make his riddles and clues more interesting, he threatens with implanted chemo-bombs for every wrong answer and has no problems attracting people into danger for his games. Subsequent episodes reveal a tragic back story, in which a woman he was in love pretended to return his affections so she could steal his technology and frame him for burglary, beginning his criminal career. It is also revealed that he had tried to kill his boss, but was stopped by the Batman.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2008)

The Riddler is voiced by John Michael Higgins. In the teaser of the episode "A Bat Divided," he hosted the game show "Riddle Me This" telling riddles to a bound Booster Gold to determine the fate of Batman with every wrong answer given by Booster Gold gave Batman a shock. Both of them managed to defeat Riddler and his henchmen. He also appears in "Legends of the Dark Mite" in a cameo role where he traps Bat-Mitein the same puzzle trap that appears on the cover of Riddler's first comic book appearance. He also appears fully in the episode called, "The Criss Cross Conspiracy!" where, while trying to escape the winning dynamic duo, he unmasks Batwoman in front of several cameras. In the present, the former Batwoman (in this version known as Katrina Moldoff) tries to take revenge against Eddie, but is stopped by Batman.

Young Justice

Riddler appears in the episode "Terrors", voiced by Dave Franco, as an inmate of Belle Reve penitentiary, a prison designed for meta-humans and super-villains that no prisoner has ever escaped from. Riddler tries to talk to the ice villains and help them with their breakout plan but he is told to go away. Because Riddler is not physically intimidating like the majority of the inmates at Belle Reve he is not taken seriously by the inmates. By the en d of the episode it is revealed by Hugo Strange that Riddler managed to escape the prison amidst the chaos of the ice villains breakout attempt, thus making Riddler the first person ever to escape Belle Reve penitentiary. In the episode, "Misplaced", when Klarion the Witch Boy and other villains with magical abilities split the Earth into two dimensions, one for children, and the other for adults, it allowed for a diversion in which The Riddler, with some help from Sportmaster, was able to steal the remnants of the organism known as Starro from S.T.A.R Labs and bring it to Brain as part of a job for The Light (Project Cadmus' Board of Directors). The Riddler returns in the penultimate episode of season one,

"Usual Suspects," where he leads an ambush against the members of the Young Justice team. After his fellow felons and their ninjas are defeated in an intense battle,Zatanna uses magic to tie him up, and Riddler angrily shouts that he is not a street jockey, that he is strictly Belle Reve, and implies that he is too good to be sent to Arkham Asylum. He is then gagged by Zatanna. The capture of Riddler and two other felons by the team serves as concrete evidence to Batman and the Justice League that Warden Hugo Strange runs Belle Reve as a cover for criminal activity.

Video Games

Riddler has appeared in

  • Batman: TAS - SNES
  • The Adventures of Batman and Robin - SNES, Sega CD
  • Batman Forever - SNES, Sega genesis, Sega Master System, Sega GameGear, Game Boy, PC
  • Toxic Chill - PC

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Though the Riddler does not physically appear within the game, he is able to tap into Batman's radio and taunts him throughout the game. He has hidden a multitude of trophies that must be found and has created a vast amount of riddles that Batman must solve. Once all of his riddles have been deciphered and the trophies have been collected, Batman overhears the police breaking into Riddler's unknown hideout and apprehending him. Furthermore, the Riddler's cell can be discovered within the game, it is covered in riddles and green question marks.

Batman: Arkham City

The Riddler had a bigger role in Batman: Arkham City. The Riddler once again tried to baffle The Dark Knight with various riddles and conundrums. However, this time around, innocent lives hang in the balance and Batman has to save them from the Riddler's clutches.

Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes

The Riddler is the second boss fight in the opening level of the game, after Harley Quinn, You can also track down and defeat him in open world Gotham City. Once you defeat him, The Riddler becomes a playable character.

Batman: Arkham Origins

The Riddler appears in Arkham Origins as a wannabe hero known as "Enigma" who has the entire city under surveillance, finding things to use against criminals and corrupt government officials to take them down non-violently. He comes into conflict with Batman when Enigma's relay network (surveillance system) ends up scrambling the navigational computer in the Batwing. In order to defeat him, Batman must destroy the relay network and destroy Enigma's server in his HQ. Enigma also hides the data that he's gotten in green boxes around the city. Batman can collect them, unlocking extortion tapes, combat stages, and more. (The extortion data is the equivalent to the Riddler Trophies in other games.) Wally Wingert reprises his role.