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John Curtis, or simply known as The Replicator, is a serial killer copier of many other serial killers that BAU had faced, he is also the main antagonist of the season Eight of Criminal Minds.

He is portrayed by Mark Hamill.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Season Eight[edit | edit source]

The Silencer[edit | edit source]

Sometime later, Curtis appears copying the modus operandis of an unknown serial killer in Seattle killing his victim. And then soon after the end of the episode Curtis appears with photos of all BAU members and putting them as the main target.

The Apprenticeship[edit | edit source]

After the team solved the case of serial killers David Turner and Toby Whitewood, he receives a call from the authorities in Dallas, informing them that someone killed a man with the same MO as John Myers or The Silencer a serial killer who killer people putting something in their mounths, since it is seen that John Myers is this, then BAU conclude that he is an imitator and so they decide to investigating this further. At the end of the episode Curtis is seen taking pictures during a shoftball match in his car.

Magnificent Light[edit | edit source]

Curtis then appears where Morgan and Garcia are watching her. While Morgan makes the speech, Curtis a glass of wine in which Morgan was and puts if in plastic bag takes if and puts it in hid table. He then copies then copies the signature of John Nelson killing his victim simply by cutting his leg and replacing by another by the leg of the third victim.

Perennials[edit | edit source]

After solving the case of serial killer Willie Kestler, Hotch and Rossi informs the team in a informs the team in a briefing room about Curtis's imitation of some of the serial killers that BAU had solved and that they would investigate about it.

Zugzwang[edit | edit source]

Curtis makes a short appearance and gives a public phone call at the home of Maeve Donovan in which he identifies himself as Adam Worth and speaks the word Zugzwang at the time, Reid the other members of BAU though that it was Diane Turner the pursuer of Maeve and that already that both Reid and Maeve used names related to Arthur Conan Doyle in their correspondences.

Broken[edit | edit source]

Curtis appears at the end of the episode and watching a BAU news coverage live while he sees photos of his victims on his laptop, and it is also revealed that he copied another serial killer Adam Rain and killed a woman in the same style as him.

Carbon Copy[edit | edit source]

At the beginning of the episode Curtis sends a ship of flowers to JJ and that it is written Zugzwang, with that Reid realizes that Curtis sent them and not Diane. Throughout the episode, Curtis manipulates Donnie Bidwell and makes BAU believe it's The Replicator, most due to the non-hitting profile and he commit suicide they soon realizes that she was not The Replicator even though he had copied Byan Hughes as revenge. And at the end of the episode Curtis copies David Turner and Toby Whitewood giving an ax to a photos of the team and everything surrounded by the word Zugzwang written in red.

Brothers Hotchner[edit | edit source]

Curtis appears taking pictures of Hotch and his brother Sean. He also hacks Garcia's computer system, disablind it and displaying the word Zugzwang several times. His face appears at the end of the episode as he approaches the Strauss hotel and sleeps.

The Replicator[edit | edit source]

Shortly after Curtis kidnaps Strauss and poisons her by copying Larry Feretich who had recently been arrested by BAU. While Strauss dies. Curtis sneers at Hotch and mentions Foyet one of BAU's biggest enemies. Shortly after Curtis infiltrates the police station where Rossi is and poisons him, leaving him drugged. Rossi is deludeb by the poison and points a gun at Morgan, but Hotch still convinces him to calm down, and Rossi is taken to the stretcher. BAU deduced that The Replicator was able to know the cases in which he copied by reading the FBI files. Curtis challenges BAU and when the team deactivates the helicopter where Reid, Blake and Hotch are, and a pilot causes him to crash to Earth. Then Curtis appears and drops everyone using a smoke bomb and he kidnaps Blake. After that, Curtis confronts her and reveals his real reasons for wanting her dead. He then leaves her to die, but his BAU teammates save her in time, but when Blake gets up from his chair, this sealing and teaming from inside the room and starting a timer linked to an explosive. 

After that Curtis goes back to the room where he arrested BAU only to find out that they escaped. And near the end Rossi confronts Curtis feeling the defeat he holds to himself and Rossi from inside the pleasure sensor chair. However Rossi has managed to lock the door looking mechanism using a coin from Strauss's Alcoholics Anonymous, and Rossi is saved while Curtis dies in the blast.   

Personalities[edit | edit source]

In his first appearance with his revealed face, he proved to be sophisticated, cool and methodical in addition to being a narcissistic psychopath, when he was demoted he blamed both Blake and Strauss and wished revenge for it, he soon began copying the serial killers that BAU had solved the cases, being John Nelson, John Myers, Bryan Hughes and the pair of serial killers David Roy Turner and Toby Whitewood and also Adam Rain. He is also very prone to psychological tactics like drug Rossi and senging a flower ship to JJ which is for Reid teilling Zugzwang and also teilling about Foyet and their conversations that caused the deaths of many innocent people on the bus. 

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  • Unlike other major antagonists, such as Foyet and Lewis, Curtis is one of the most featured antagonists of the same season.
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