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The Man is the main unnamed antagonist of the 2016 horror film, called Hush. He is a sadistic killer who loves to play with his victims in a game of cat and mouse.

He was portrayed by John Gallagher Jr.



The Man 30 Hush.png

Not much is known about The Man's past, other than that he was a serial killer, who has killed at least 13 people in the past based on the tally shown on his crossbow. We first encounter him when he chases Maddie's friend, Sarah, to Maddie’s home, before killing her using one of his arrows and then stabbed her to death. Later, when Maddie realizes that The Man was at her home, she tries to call the police, but The Man turns off the house's power leaving her trapped with him, and in a battle for her survival.

Maddie, who is deaf and cannot speak, uses her lipstick to write a message to him on the glass of her door. In her message, she says that she won’t tell anyone and has not seen his face. However, he responds by taking off his mask and revealing his face. He then starts playing a game of cat and mouse. Even when Sarah’s boyfriend John shows up, The Man confronts him by disguising himself as a cop. When John realizes that he is invader, The Man then kills him by stabbing him in the neck.

After that, he continues to try to kill her. She writes on the glass with her own blood that he should “Do it,” before adding that he is a “coward.” Maddie then returns to the bathroom, where she stabs him in the leg, The Man tries to strangle her, but Maddie manages to stab him in the throat, killing him.