The Big One's Pack are a group of Velociraptors brought onto Isla Nublar and led by The Big One. They serve as primary dinosaur antagonists of Jurassic Park novel and its film adaptation.

Foundation[edit | edit source]

Raptors that would become members of The Big One's Pack are 8 raptors that captured in Isla Sorna. During the transport, Muldoon stated that one of them, The Big One, challenged her fellow raptor captives for leadership. A fight broke out, which resulting 5 of overall raptors killed. This left Kim and Randy, who survived the fight to become members of The Big One's Pack.

Notable Members[edit | edit source]

This raptor pack consist of 3 members whom led by The Big One. Even so, the raptor that identified as the leader was ambiguous due to neither of them had defined characteristics that can differentiate one and another that it's ambiguous whether The Big One, leader of the raptors, was either Randy or Kim, or raptor in the shed that killed Ray Arnold.

Kim[edit | edit source]


This Raptor is encountered by Ellie and responsible for Ray Arnold's death. She managed to escape from the shed after being locked, but when she caught up with the Big One, she was immediately slain by Rexy.

Randy[edit | edit source]


A member of the pack alongside Kim. He was the second raptor in the kitchen that was snapped at by the Big One so the Big One could assert him dominance (This picture beside Randy is actually the Big One). Randy and the Big One stalked on Tim and Lex to the kitchen and was barely detecting them. After the Big One was tricked by Lex and accidentally knocked herself out, Randy chases Tim whom turned out intentionally bring him to the refrigerator. After tripping into refrigerator and realizing that he was tricked, Randy tried to get out, but Lex and Tim locked the refrigerator and froze him to death.

The Big One[edit | edit source]

The Big One

The Leader of the pack. This raptor led Randy to stalk Tim and Lex in the kitchen. The two raptors became attracted to a ladle spoon that fell just behind Tim Murphy, nearly revealing him to the carnivores. But Tim's sister who was east of him, Lex, distracted the raptors by grabbing a ladle spoon herself and banging it on the floor. The Big One saw Lex's reflection in one of the cabinets and raced toward it. She hit the cabinet so hard she created a dent in the cabinet she rammed into and became briefly stunned.

Upon regaining conciseness and sees that Randy already locked into freezer, the Big One, now very angry, continued her pursuit of the Murphys, leading the raptor to the Control Room. The Big One struggled to get through the Visitor Center door, her efforts being suppressed by Drs. Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler who were inside the Control Room. Concurrent to the raptor's attempts, Lex finally restored Jurassic Park's system using the computer inside the room, which electronically locked the door that the Big One was trying to go through. This did not stop the Big One, however, as she then proceeded to attempt to go through the bullet-proof windows of the room. After discovering the windows were bullet proof and his SPAS-12 shotgun became jammed, Alan Grant and the group then decided to climb through the top vents of the center. The Big One finally entered the Control Room via launching through one of the windows. Though Dr. Grant kicked the latter he and the group used down to prevent the raptor from following them, the Big One followed the sounds of the group crawling and poked through the grate Lex was crawling on.

Grant quickly kicked the Big One down to the floor, causing the panel to disintegrate, stunning her once again. Just as the group saved Lex as she hung on to the ventilation shaft, the Big One jumped and made failed attempts to bite Lex. The raptor continued to pursue the group once more, meeting them just after they exited the ventilation shaft at the scaffolding location at the top of the Visitor Center near the Alamosaurus skeleton. The group retaliated by jumping on the sauropod skeleton in an attempt to flee their pursuer only for the raptor to follow them as well, causing the sauropod skeleton to split to pieces while still in mid-air. The weight of the raptor and the group then led to the skeleton collapsing, but all members of the group survived as well as the Big One, who went into some nearby curtains. Just then, Kim showed up in visitor center and helped the Big One corner the humans.

However, Rexy suddenly appeared and ambushed both raptors, allowed humans to escaped. Rexy killed Kim, which infuriated the Big One that she pounces and scarred the T-Rex, only for Rexy to shake the Big One into her mouth where Rexy proceeded to shake the raptor before throwing her into the nearby the Tyrannosaurus skeleton the Visitor Center had, killing her instantly, and letting out a triumphant roar.

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