Velociraptor antirrhopus 2
The Big One
Background information
Feature films Jurassic Park
Television programs
Video games LEGO Jurassic World
Park attractions Jurassic Park: River Adventure - The Ride
Performance model
Character information
Other names Raptor, Clever Girl, Velociraptor
Personality Mean, brutal, sadistic, bloodthirsty, tricky, dangerous, murderous, cunning, clever, bad-tempered, nononsense, vengeful, ruthless, cruel, hot-blooded, vicious, violent, aggressive, caring (to her pack)
Appearance A brown Velociraptor with sickle-shaped claws, yellow eyes, largest in her pack, and sharp teeth just like her fellow pack members
Occupation The leader of Isla Nublar's new first Velociraptor pack
Goal Kill all the humans so they won't pose threat on her and her fellow raptors + continue killing for sport.
Home Isla Nublar
Enemies Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, Ian Malcom, Lex Murphy, Tim Murphy, Robert Muldoon, The Tyrannosaurus rex
Minions Other Velociraptors
Likes Food, hunting, eating
Dislikes Any of her Velociraptors being harmed
Powers and abilities
Weapons All of extinct original raptors' common abilities and powers includes sharp teeth, claws, and speed.
Fate Gets thrown by the T. rex into a large dinosaur skeleton, killing her
Typical Saying

The Big One (nicknamed by Robert Muldoon) is the brutal and intelligent Velociraptor pack leader, and the main antagonist of the 1993 sci-fi film Jurassic Park. She is called the "Big One" not due to her size, but rather her position as the dominant Raptor and the one who calls the shots.

Jurassic ParkEdit


In the beginning, Eight Velociraptors were cloned using blood samples from mosquitoes trapped in amber. One of them, the Big One, challenged the others over leadership, killing 5 while sparing only 2 subordinates. After that they were transferred to a holding pen while it was decided what to do with them. In the process of this move, the Big One attacked and killed a worker. Jophery's demise raised a number of safety issues, as well as a twenty-million dollar lawsuit against InGen. In order to calm his investors, John Hammond invited Ian Malcolm, Dr. Ellie Sattler and Dr. Alan Grant to come down to the park for the weekend, hoping they would approve of the park's security measures.

Isla Nublar Incident Edit

When the power was cut by Dennis Nedry during the Isla Nublar Incident of 1993, Nedry's computer confirmed that the Raptor pen was still active. Later, when the staff decided to reboot the power to purge the computer system of Nedry's virus, it inadvertently shut down the Raptor fences. Unknown to the survivors, the three Raptors, obviously noticing the lights around their pen were off, broke out of confinement. One Raptor stalked systems supervisor Ray Arnold as he set out to restart the power while the Big One and her remaining subordinate lured the Park's warden, Robert Muldoon into an ambush, killing him.

Hunting the Rest of the Humans Edit

After killing Muldoon, the Big One and her subordinate made their way to the Visitor Center, where they stalked Lex and Tim. The Big One displayed her intelligence here by successfully opening the door to the kitchen, where the two children had taken refuge, and seeming to take her time stalking the kids purely for the fun of it. The Big One under estimated the kids however, with them managing to escape and run into Sattler and Grant. The group then heads for the Control Room.

The Big One attempted to enter the room, but Lex succeeded in activating the door locks, forcing the alpha female to break through the window. Though the group manages to escape up through the air vents.

Final Stand and Death Edit

The Big One continued to chase the survivors down the lobby. There, she and her remaining subordinate, and the two finally cornered their prey. The subordinate was just about to attack when the Tyrannosaurus suddenly appeared and killed her. Enraged, the Big One pounced on the T. rex to avenge her subordinate, where she started clawing and biting at the larger Dinosaur, but eventually the T. rex rolled her head and the Big One fell into her jaws. She was crushed by the large predator's jaws and then thrown against a skeleton model, killing her on the impact.


Though it is difficult to read the personality of this dinosaur, given Muldoon's concern about her more than the rest of the raptors, it's apparent that this Raptor is extremely intelligent. While the other Raptors of her tribe simply have a bad temper towards one another so much that they're prone to fighting, the Big One was surprisingly brutal and tougher than the others, as Muldoon claimed she killed 5 of her fellows. Perhaps out of her cruelty, her desire to lead or maybe even because the two she spared had become males, which is a key plot point of the film, and she wanted to be the only female able to breed. The Big One hated humans, especially Muldoon, believing them to be a threat to both her and her fellow pack's well being. Her persistence in killing humans seemed to be more of an effort in extermination, as even after killing Muldoon, she continued after the rest of the humans present on the island and did not stop until she was killed.

However, it has been speculated that she was completely misunderstood and in fact the owner of the nest of eggs Grant finds in her original paddock, resulting in her being driven purely by instinct to get back to them and defend them.

In spite of having a tense relationship with her subordinates, she did seem to care about them, as she became infuriated upon seeing one of them killed. This, however, may be due to inherent pack mentality, and not actual affection.

LEGO Jurassic WorldEdit


The Big One with Fruit Hat.

Her role in LEGO adaptation titled LEGO Jurassic World in the Jurassic Park segment essentially same, albeit more comedic and family friendly, and appears as a boss in the game. Unlike in the film however, The Big One is more active and easily identified with another where she had dark brown scales with light brown underbelly and had black spots on the side of her face.

At the beginning of the game, the Big One lashed out and attacked Jophery simply out of being attracted to his sausage and instead of killing him outright like in the movie, she spared the man once he let go of the sausage. In spite of this, her unexpected action was still enough to raise a number of safety issues, as well as a twenty-million dollar lawsuit against InGen like in the original film.

When the Big One and her pack broke out from the containment, she personally hunted Ray Arnold just like in the movie. While the said member presumably rendered Ray Arnold in catatonic state, if not killed him outright as Sattler and Muldoon discovered Arnold's body still intact than only a hand was missing before they left the maintenance shed. Once they exit the maintenance shed, Kim and Randy attacked Sattler and Muldoon on the outside, but Muldoon threw rocks on their heads in retaliation before shooting them with his gun.

After recovering from Muldoon's counterattacks, the Big One and her pack retreat and utilize a tactic to defeat Muldoon that's similar with the one that their counterpart used in the film, though there are some difference: Muldoon used a sausage instead of his hat as bait which attracted the Big One's pack member. The Big One herself popped out in front of Muldoon, who just came out of plugging his gun with a banana, and mauled him into K.O.-ed state as the said pack member enjoyed the sausage.

The Big One and a member of her pack later made their way to the visitor center, where they stalked Hammond's grandchildren Lex and Tim like in the movie. She startled her subordinate when she notice the said raptor came to her whilst still fooling around with fruit, causing her to drop the fruit. The kids distracted the Big One's subordinate by having a red banana stuck on a vane that prompted her to attempt to pull it off before having her stuck in the freezer and smack the Big One herself with a frying pan that was attached on a mechanism.

The Big One then revealed herself from the other side of the control room, and taunts Alan by making a smiley on the door’s window. When she fails to break the door, she resorts to breaking into the window’s glass. Here, unlike her counterpart in the film, she instead tries to break into the ventilation, very raging, she consults with the visitor center’s map but not before whacking her own subordinate as she attempts to peek through the map. Here, she had her minion catch up with the humans, albeit it ended up stuck between bars, forcing her to deal with them herself.

In her final battle with the Tyrannosaur, due to the game’s mechanic, she was shown able to withstand the T. rex's attacks, and even able to survive when she got tossed onto a dinosaur bone display, unlike her movie counterpart. In the end, she was beaten, and propelled like rubber on the wall by the Tyrannosaur.


Taunt Alan

The Big One draws a face.

In LEGO adaptation of Jurassic Park, she had a more comedic personality. Whereas her movie counterpart love to killing any humans she encountered straight away and even had no qualms to do the same on her pack members, the Big One in LEGO version prefers to beat every single one of them into pulp, though still not above choosing to kill them either by herself or have her pack member do so instead. Also, she possesses traits that of a no-nonsense leader, as she was shown scolding her own pack member twice: First was when one of her pack member goof around with human foods where she prompt Ed her to drop them, whilst the second time was when another tries to snatch the visitor center map that she examines which prompts her to smack her.


  • It has been speculated that she was in fact a completely misunderstood character and that it is entirely possible the reason she killed 5 of her fellows was because the remaining two she spared had become males (which is a key plot point in the film), and she wanted exclusive breeding rights as the alpha female. It is also entirely possible that the nest Grant finds in the Raptor's old paddock was actually hers and that her behavior throughout the film was simply the result of her both trying to get back to her eggs and defending them from any threats.


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