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Terry Duckworth moved into Coronation Street with his parents jack and Vera in 1983 and became a friend of Kevin Webster and Curly Watts.

Terry began to see Andrea Clayton but she didn't tell her family as they would look down on the duckworths. Terry impregnated Andrea however the Claytons left the street and Terry never had contact with his son Paul which left him heartbroken .

in 1986 Terry began seeing Sally seddon despite her relationship with Kevin When curly told Kevin this he went round to the builders yard and battered Terry causing Terry to temporarily fall out with both though they worked everything out in the end. Terry tried pestering Gloria Todd to date him which caused Alan Bradley to intervene. feeling humiliated Terry badmouthed Alan to his daughter Jenny When Alan caught wind of this he went round to confront Terry and a fight Ensued. While Vera Wanted Terry to charge Alan with assault he just wanted to forget about it.

on Christmas. in December of 1986 Terry got drunk at a party and broke into Alf Roberts corner shop When Terry woke up he couldn't remember anything . Alf later found one of his boxes in Hilda Ogden's backyard and took it as evidence due to the party taking place there. though Terry worked out he was responsible he still didn't want to come clean however after being reminded by Kevin of how Hilda had helped him in the past and how she was in danger of being charged as an accessory Terry did the right thing and confessed to Alf offering to pay for the damage. Alf still felt the police should be Involved. He eventually changed his mind but put off telling Terry wanting to scare him as payback.

Terry later had sex with Dulcie Froggatt who unknown to him was Jack,s bit on the side. Jack then threatened into Terry to fessing up to his mother or else he,d chuck him out (this was done to stop Vera suspecting him as she knew Dulcie had slept with a Duckworth) When Vera confronted Dulcie and accused her of luring Terry into bed. she learned of Jack,s playing away which caused problems for their marriage but Jack was able to lie his way out of it.

Later on Terry fled the street with the wife of an army mate when their affair had been discovered though he made a brief return next year when he needed money from his parents.

in 1992 Terry came back with his pregnant girlfriend Lisa Horton but soon ended up in prison for GBH Terry Married Lisa but their wedding was merely part of his plot to escape prison though he was captured with in a few days. When Lisa was hit by a car Terry went to see her but didn't get the chance to say goodbye.Terry blamed Lisa,s boyfriend Des Barnes for the accident accusing him of failing to look after Lisa before being dragged out by cops.

When he was released from prison Terry was greedy for money and sold his son Tommy to Lisa,s parents Jeff and Doreen Horton saying Jack and Vera weren't fit to look after him while Terry tried to claim it wasn't about money Jack saw through his son and gave him gave him a punch. shortly after this Terry chose to leave the area . he arrived back once again with Tommy when the Hortons failed to keep up with their payments. Terry once again conspired against his parents by plotting to steal the takings Jack and Vera Earned by working at the rovers return.Terry later decided to sell Tommy back to the Hortons causing Vera to write Terry out of her will and Jack refusing to even acknowledge his son,s existence.

When Terry turned back up in 1997 Jack gave Terry an envelope of money to take to the bank Terry chose to do a runner with the cash only to find the envelope was empty. Jack revealed this was a plot to expose his son,s selfishness. feeling disgraced Terry left the area.

in 1999 Terry sold Vera a posh car resulting in the death of Judy Mallet When Terry had the nerve to come over for Christmas he was punched by Judy,s husband Gary .Jack told Terry how much misery he caused everyone and Vera finally stood up to her son telling Terry how evil he was and threw him out Terry would become very envious of Tyrone Dobbs who moved in with Jack and Vera and had a closer relationship with them than Terry ever did .

in November 2000 Jack contacted Terry asking him to donate a kidney for Paul. Terry agreed on the condition he received monetary reward butt Terry fled leaving Vera to donate the kidney instead though both her and Paul managed to pull through .in a rare display of concern Terry came back to the hospital to see if Jack and Vera were okay but went unnoticed by his parents. after sleeping with a cop,s wife Terry was framed for murder but Jack decided to help his son when her realised he was telling the truth and in January 2002 Terry was released from prison. He made peace with his parents before leaving again .

When Terry attended Vera,s funeral he was mostly there to make sure Jack didn't expect him to come live with him and to discourage Jack from selling his house to Tyrone though Jack didn't listen. three years later Tyrone rang Terry to tell him of Jack,s death but Terry didn't want to attend his father,s funeral as he couldn't be bothered making the long trip. While this disgusted Tyrone he knew Jack wouldn't really want him there anyway .

Terry tuned up again in 2012 to open a strip club disgusting his former neighbors While Tommy was living in the area Terry wanted nothing to do with him intending to concentrate on his business However Terry soon changed his mind when he learned that Jeff Horton had left Tommy some money and earned his son,s trust back before giving him a job at the club .

when it transpired that Terry owed money to loan shark Rick Neelan he ordered Tommy to burn the club down for the insurance money. While Tommy came close to carrying out the orders he was stopped by his girlfriend Tina McIntyre .Terry was angry at Tina for interfering and planned to burn the place himself causing Tina to threaten to call the police in his attempts to stop her Terry hospitalized Tina but lied to Tina that it was Rick convincing him to get Tyrone,s money to pay Rick off . When Tommy learned the truth he confronted his father and told him to chose between his son or money Terry (predictably) chose the money telling Tommy he was glad he hadn't turned out like him before leaving and abandoning Tommy to deal with Rick by himself.