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Team Corruptions are the Main Organizations from Gacha League who makes Their Debuts in Gacha World. They also appears in Gachaverse who Vii was now affected by Pandora and has Her New Teams. They are the Teams of the Corruptions who joins Their Leader, Sol that He Ego washes All of Them alongside with His Best Friend Forever, The Corruption who is a Taker down of Default Hero.

They turns Every Warriors turned into Villains and makes some crimes to takes down Innocent People. They care about taking down Gacha Summoner after He is guided by Ellie The Fairy to defeats Their Both Rivalries, All of Corruption's who are possessed by Shadow and Akumu The Nightmare who Henchmen of Them.

Real Name: Team Corruptions

Aliases: Sol's Friends

Final Boss' Alliance

The Ego Washers Crews

Origins: Gacha League

Leaders: Sol (Leader)

The Corruption (Second in Command)

Shadow (Founder)

Members: Akumu The Nightmare (Overseer)

The X Soldiers (Actives)

Purple Fractions (Actives)

Cyan Nations (Actives)

Team Halloweens (Actives)

Goals: Takes down Gacha Summoner and Friends (Fails)

Alignment Chart: Chaotic Evil

Type of Villains: Outcastful Tyrants