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Tanya Degurechaff youjo senki drawn by Hijikawa Arashi.png
Tanya von Degurechaff
Background information
Feature films The Saga of Tanya the Evil: The Movie
Television programs
Video games How the mages fought (coming soon)
Park attractions
Animators Studio NUT
Voice Aoi Yuki (Japanese)

Monica Rial (English)

Performance model
Inspiration Overlord

Light Yagami
Yuno Gasai
Momoka Sonokawa

Character information
Other names Tanya the Evil

Devil of the Rhine
White Silver Rusted Silver

Personality Sarcastic
Appearance Young girl
Occupation Lieutenant Colonel of the Imperial Army

HR Manager (formerly, past life)

Affiliations Bad/Neutral
Goal Rise in the ranks through the military.

Live a comfortable life away from danger. Win the war and find a way to kill "Being X".

Home The Empire, previously Japan.
Friends Hans von Zettour

Kurt von Rudersdorf
Erich von Lergen
Ihlen Schwarzkopf
The Empire
Other Empire Generals

Enemies Anson Sioux
Mary Sioux
Being X
The Republic
Allied Kingdom
Entente Alliance
Dacian Grand Duchy
Minions Viktoriya Serebryakov

Matheus Johan Weiss
Imperial Army 203rd Air Mage Battalion
Vooren Grantz
Empire Soldiers

Likes Power, getting her way, training, promotions, safety, coffee
Dislikes Failure, Being X messing with her, disobedience, Incompetence
Powers and abilities Magic computation orb, hand-to-hand combat, skilled fighting, gunmanship
Weapons Guns of all kinds, Shovels, can also create shrapnels with magic and much more
Fate Alive
Quote “Miracles are illusions caused by insufficient observation and understanding. They’re just… glorious misunderstandings.” – Tanya Degurechaff

Tanya Degurechaff is the main villainess protagonist of the anime/light novel series Youjo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil. She was originally a salaryman who died in an accident in 2013, he was reborn as a girl living in an alternate universe version of Europe during World War I. At just nine years of age, Tanya enters the Empire's Mages Division and is eventually promoted to Major and given command of the 203rd Arial Mage Batallion. Her talents, efficiency, and ruthlessness makes her an asset for the Empire and a threat on the battlefield.

She is also voiced by the Japanese Voice Actress, Aoi Yuuki. In the dub, English Voice Actress, Monica Rial.


Tanya is a cute little girl. She wears a military uniform in the rank of a Warrant Officer and later a lieutenant commander.


Tanya seems be a very cute little girl who is beautiful and slightly sarcastic. But deep inside, she is power-hungry, selfish, cruel, ruthless, sadistic and hot-tempered. Especially when she is in battle against her enemies, she shows utter ruthlessness and bloodlust just to accomplish her missions. Tanya also strongly disapproves of failure and disobedience from her subordinates. She is loyal to her own job and always wants to finish it as soon as possible. Tanya will never let anyone discriminate her appearance because of how fast she goes through the ranks in the military at such a young age.

Original World (2013)

Not much is known about the protagonist in his original life, including his name. He was a Japanese salaryman who gained a reputation for having a ruthlessly utilitarian and career-minded personality. He dies in a subway accident caused by an employee he fired earlier, after which he meets God. As an atheist, he denies God's existence and rather dubs him Being X. The two get into an argument about faith and modern humans which ends up with God punishing the protagonist by having him reborn in a world that was in dire straits, had less technological development and overall was less grounded in science. The opposite of these three points were used by the protagonist's argument to explain why modern men no longer need God.

As Tanya Degurechaff

The protagonist is reborn in an alternate reality of 1913, as an orphan girl named Tanya. Spending the first years of her life in a nunnery, her outlook for a good life initially looked slim. Worse, she's living in the Empire (equivalent of Imperial Germany), one of the nations that is fighting in World War I (or their alternate equivalent of it). Luckily to her, Tanya has exceptional magic potential, a rare talent sought after in the Empire. After she's discovered to have magical abilities, people quickly expected her to be conscripted into the Empire's military once she reaches an appropriate age.

Tanya however thinks ahead of this, and she volunteers to join the military at the age of 8. Her reasoning was that the Army were the only institution of the Empire where women are treated equal to men. She intends to rise in ranks and then live a comfortable life in the back lines away from danger, both for her sake and in order to spite "Being X". Yet even though Tanya is successful at impressing the leadership it backfires as her talents make her a necessary asset on the front lines. She's heartless, selfish, amoral and terrifyingly ruthless. Yet at the time of the bloodiest war of this world she might be described as the "ideal soldier". On the outset Tanya is viewed by her squad mates as either a patriotic hero or a bloodthirsty monster. Tanya's right-hand woman and second-in-command is Viktoriya Serebryakov who serves under her. Tanya's main goal is to seek vengeance on God and kill him.