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Feature films Jason & the Argonauts (1963)
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Character information
Other names
Personality Evil, sadistic, creepy, corrupt
Appearance A huge, steel statue
Occupation Main Antagonist in Jason & the Argonauts
Affiliations Evil
Goal To kill off Jason and his fellow Argonauts for sport, keep his treasures, and continue his killing spree (all failed)
Home Crete
Enemies The Argonauts led by Jason
Likes Evil, treasures
Powers and abilities Immense strength
Weapons Sword
Fate Gets killed when his life-giving ichor falls out of his only weak spot (ripped open by Hera), his body falls on Hylas and crushes him to death.
Typical Saying "Eeeek!"

Talos is the main antagonist in the 1963 film, Jason & the Argonauts. He is an evil, living giant statue who tries to kill the Argonauts, led by Jason, for sport. He also has treasures that he stole and keeps for himself.

Appearance Edit

Talos's appearance looks like that of a soldier, except much bigger, and is made out of steel. His only weak-spot is an enclosed hole which contained life-giving incor in it, which kept Talos alive until Hera ripped it open.

Personality Edit

He is an evil, yet sadistic statue who will attempt to kill anyone, especially Jason and the Argonauts, for sport. He also has treasures that he keeps for himself, making him greedy as well. He is not redeemable by any means, and is, indeed, a Complete Monster. His sinister personality led to Hera killing him by ripping out his only weak-spot which contained his life-giving ichor, making him fall flat on the ground and also kill Hylas.

Roles Edit

Jason & the Argonauts (1963) Edit

Awakening Edit

Talos first appears with other statues when two of Jason's Argonauts come to the statue collection. One of the two Argonauts asks if Talos is one of the Titans. The other says he could be, because he's big enough. The two Argonauts come close to the giant statue. They enter his lair and discover treasures there, such as a pearl and a javelin, and Talos awakens from his sleep. He shuts the door to his lair, and jails the two Argonauts. However, the two escape into a nearby cave, and Talos watches this. He then sits on the roof on the entrance to his lair.

Destroying the Argo Edit

Talos tries to kill them, but the two Argonauts find the others, including their boss, Jason. Talos goes to where their ship, the Argo, is. Jason tells the other Argonauts to row their ship, but it slowly gets closer to the evil Talos. Talos then puts his sword in his left hand, so he can pick up the Argo with his right hand. Unfortunately, Talos succeeds in picking up the Argo, and all of the Argonauts fall out. He then rips off the mast using his sword, which he then uses to cut the Argo in half. Talos then raises the Argo and then drops it into the water in an attempt to kill the Argonauts, and the Argo then sinks to the bottom of the sea, and Talos walks away. However, Talos doesn't kill any of the Argonauts, which he will find out later.

Fighting the Argonauts and Death Edit

Talos eventually learns that he didn't kill the Argonauts, so he attempts to kill them himself, but couldn't find them. The Argonauts surprise Talos, and come out to attack and kill him once and for all. He makes a swing with his sword to kill the Argonauts, but misses. Talos steps forward, and one of the Argonauts, Hera, discovers a weak-spot on his left ankle. One Argonaut stabs Talos's foot, but doesn't pierce it. Talos spots him, and prepares an attack, but doesn't notice Hera ripping off his weak-spot because he's being attacked by the other Argonauts, including their boss, Jason. Talos realizes this when Hera ripped off the weak-spot, and tries to attack, but couldn't because he begins choking. He drops his own sword, choked, and puts his hands on his neck because he's choking. Hera goes to the other Argonauts, and Talos just stops choking, stands still, and cracks, killing Talos. The other Argonauts, including Jason, watch as Talos is about to fall over. However, one of the Argonauts, Hylas, comes close to him because he dropped his spear during the battle. Jason and the Argonauts watch as Talos's dead body falls over and smashes Hylas to death and splatting him into nothing but blood, killing him.

Trivia Edit

  • Talos is about 67 feet tall.
  • Some people think that Talos is trying to protect his treasures, but in reality, Talos is, in fact, greedy and sadistic, and steals treasures, destroys ships, and kills people, all for sport.
  • Ironically, the only sentence he says is "Eeeek!" when he was choking to his death.

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