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Takeshi "Pangolin" Kido is the Leading Antagonist from Killing Bites who joins Mitsukado Zaibatsu and His Leader, Yuugo Tani and His Boss, Yōko Mitsukado. He cares about abusing Hitomi Uzaki's throat after her lifeless body cannot stands who caused by Eruza Nakanishi.


Kidou is a Tall Imposing Brute Bald Man with the Red Tattoo above His Right Eye. He waers a Green Hooded Coat who wears draped in front of His Shoulders like a Cape. In his Muscular Form, His Body becomes covered in Keratin Scales who covers Him like Armor Plates & His Eyes glows Green. If in Wild Mode, His Scales sticks out like Knives and His Eyes turn Dark Orange. When He was Younger, He used to haves Black Hair.


He cares about His Environments and All of the Animals. He has been Emotionless and Selfless in His ways to remembers His Photographic Memory, He only loves Her late unnamed Biological Mother before having His Tragedy and Wildness by His late traumatized No longer Step Father for taking down His Mother's gift to Him.

He is not thinking about His Dimwits Barbarians who assaults and batteries His kindness, He gets very angry and battles Everyone that They ever ruins His natures. He is seem to have His Bloodlines, Ruthlessly and Vengeful who cares about His Wrathfully and Racists.


Takeshi Kidō was born in Japan Tokyo. His Present was His Pet, Nature where His Mother buys that for Him before She passed away. He was an Environmentally Kindness when He learns how to defends His Plant and will be Happy to stay home. Before He became a Tragic Fallen Hero, His Abusive Father frustrated was takes down the Nature and gets mad Him that He lost His Money. His nowhere to be affiliated by Them but to brutalizes all of the Kindness that It is not the Mother. After that, Kidou wakes up a Bat and ends up turning into Assasinative Former Protagonist, kills His Own Father for fearing His Pet without permissions even He was Poor Enough. His Father understands which gives by Takeshi for taking down His Pet.

Yōko Mitsukado and Yuugo Tani went in Jail and meets Him in Prison. You'll tells Him to joins Him so He can be earns His Money to joins Him but only He joins Mitsukado Zaibatsu, was Yuugo to hires Him about His Destroyer, Hitomi Uzaki the Shooter of Houjou was now released to saves Yuuya Nomoto. He takes down the Cell and joins the Mitsukado Zaibatsu and meets Youzan Mitsukado.


He is also voiced by the Japanese Voice Actor, Ryoukan Koyanagi who also voiced Jumbo from Black Butler: The Circus's Book. In Dub titles, He is also voiced by the English Voice Actor, Richard Epcar who is also known as Joker from DC of Batman.

He is based as Kane from WWE who has Their Personality about Wraths and Nature Kindness, haves Their tragedy and eats Bloods for ruining Their Animals.

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