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Takako Sugiura is one of the villains from Another. She is voiced by Misato Fukuen in the original Japanese dub, and Emily Neves in the American English dub.


Takako has short green ocher hair, in which she wears two green clips, with one on each side. They are yellow in the ED. She also wears spectacles with purple frame (red in episode 8). She has green eyes and wears a light blue sleeveless jacket instead of blazer for her school uniform. For her summer uniform, Takako wears a sleeveless blue jacket instead of the school vest.


Takako is a serious teenage girl, who generally says very little in many of her conversations. The only person she seems even remotely interested in holding a conversation with is Izumi Akazawa (Jessica Boone), who she serves as her right hand. She is also an analytical individual, as she views the curse as nothing more than a simple problem to be overcome. The only other person she seems fond of is Junta Nakao, as she is horrified when he is killed by the boat. After Junta's death, Takako suffers a near complete mental breakdown. This reaches its head when she learns that to stop the curse prematurely, the Extra student must be "returned to death". Immediately, she becomes convinced that Mei Misaki (Monica Rial) is the Extra, and becomes obsessed with killing her, even convincing the rest of the class to help her. Unfortunately, her bitterness towards Mei leads to her painful death.


  • Izumi Akazawa
  • Junta Nakao