Syura Evil Grin
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Akame ga Kill! (2014)
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Ryōhei Kimura (Japanese)
Adam Noble (English)
Performance model
Character information
Other names Prime Minister's Son
Personality Cruel, sadistic, twisted, violent, ruthless, spoiled, brutal, uncaring, selfish, arrogant, narcissistic, short-tempered, rude, bloodthirsty, obsessive, thrill-seeking, evil, corrupt, heartless, bossy, vicious, sexist, power-crazed, monstrous, shameless
Occupation Founder and leader of Wild Hunt, Teigu User
Affiliations Bad
Goal Please his father; Prime Minister Honest, To become Emperor in order to change the "tedious world" and turn it into an entertainments park for his own entertainment and pleasure.
Home The Empire
Friends His father Honest, Budo (sort of)
Enemies Tatsumi, Lubbock, Wave, Kurome, Esdeath, Run, Night Raid, Revolutionary Army
Minions Champ, Enshin, Izou, Cosmina
Likes Power, murder, thrills, "fun", pleasing his father, destruction
Dislikes Night Raid, rebellions, peace, boredom, losing his father's approval, defeat, people not respecting his status
Powers and abilities Teleporting, martial arts, hand-to-hand combat
Fate Gets killed by Lubbock.
Typical Saying

We are the secret Police, Wild Hunt. You heard of us?
~ Syura

Syura is a minor antagonist of the Akame ga Kill! anime/manga series. He is an mysterious individual who is the cruel leader of Wild Hunt, he is also revealed as the son of Prime Minister Honest. Syura seems to share his father's lust for power as well as his corruption but wishes to surpass him in terms of being rotten. He created and is leading the majorly corrupt and twisted Secret Police "Wild Hunt" to kill Night Raid and destroy the Revolutionary Army. However, he regards the empire as his "Toy" and all the incidents he brings across the country shows he solely enjoys causing carnage.


Syura is seen as an extremely cruel and sadistic man who enjoys harrassing civilians of the empire and killing them as he pleases, while using the women for sex toys, and is seen to be quite abusive with them, making him highly misogynistic and sexist. He has a tendency to lick his lips whenever picking up a woman, as seen with Kurome. He also gets angry and irritated somewhat quickly when things don't go his way, and especially when he dissapoints people, such as his father. He also enjoys torturing his enemies, as a means to make them spill out information, as seen with Lubbock.

He behaves very much like a spoiled brat, his status as the son of the prime minister giving him an over-inflated sense of self-entitlement. As in he feels entitled to the right that he can do/go/kill or use whatever, wherever, and whoever he wants, and becomes violent when someone gets in his way. Even so he has an obsession of pleasing his father and becomes emotionally-unstable if he feels in danger of losing his approval.