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Steve Austin
Background information
Feature films Grown Up 2
Television programs Raw


Video games Varies
Park attractions
Actor Himself
Voice No Informations
Performance model
Inspiration Captain Cold
Character information
Other names Stone Cold

Cyromaniac RattleSnake

Personality Hyperactive Wrestler
Appearance His Muscle, Manly Body, Bald, Facial Hair, Black Jacket, Shorts and Boots, Blue Pants
Occupation Vince's Best Friend Forever
Affiliations The Authority
Goal Battles to be friends with all of the McMahons families
Home WWE
Friends Vince McMahon (His Best Friend Forever)

Kane (His Friend)
Sting (His Sidekick)
Ultimate Warrior+
Brock Lesnar (Worth It)
Paul Heyman (Neutrally)
Cody Rhodes
Ted Dibiase
The Miz
John Morrison

Enemies The Rock (His All Times Rivalries)

John Cena (His Nemesis)
Randy Orton (His Archenemy)
Undertaker (His Enemy)
Big Show
Bray Wyatt
Braun Strowman
Luke Harper
Erick Rowan
Rick Flair (Neutrally)
The Edge
Christian Cage
Seth Rollins
Roman Reigns
Dean Ambrose
CM Punk
Daniel Bryan
Mark Henry
The Great Khali

Minions Triple H (His Client)

Stephanie McMahon (His Henchwoman)
Shane McMahon
J&J Security (His Minion)

Likes Ruining and becaming friendly with with Vince even He always takes down His new Vehicles
Dislikes Falling under the sea who is caused by Kurt Angle
Powers and abilities Blood Users

Heat Users
Ice Users

Weapons Soft Drinks
Fate Alive
Quote And that's the bottom line, BE CUZ Stone Cold SAY So!!!!!

Stone Cold Steve Austin is One of the Reccuring Antagonists from the Television Series of WWE who joins Mr Vince McMahon sometimes just uses to be. He makes more of His pranks during the Races and always tortures the Vehicles in any slights. He is also portrayed by the English Voice Actor, Himself only.