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Principal Steven Wilkins is a villain from the 2007 Trick 'r Treat. He is a local principal who moonlights as a cold-blooded serial killer who has a love for the Halloween spirit. He was portrayed by Dylan Baker.


He appears throughout film's segments mostly incognito, but has a role in three of them - The Principal, Surprise Party, and Sam.

The Principal

In his first appearance, he spots a local bratty kid named Charlie, stealing candy. He seemingly takes it in stride talking to Charlie about Halloween, and letting him eat some of the candy. It turns out that Wilkins has poisoned his candy with cyanide and as a result, Charlie vomits blood and chocolate and dies.

Later he buries Charlie's body in the back yard and hears his neighbor Mr. Kreeg (Brian Cox), calling for help next door. Wilkins ignores him and continues to bury Charlie, along with another unknown victim. At the end of the segment, Wilkins goes to his basement where he and his son are making a "jack o' lantern" which turns out to be Charlie's severed head.

Surprise Party

Throughout the film he can be scene in disguise as a vampire, using metallic fake teeth. He is stalking a 22 year old, virgin girl named Laurie (Anna Paquin) with intentions to kill her. Laurie is heading to a party her friends and older sister are holding and Wilkins corners her and bites her.

It is shortly revealed that Laurie has turned the tables on the vampire and dragged him to the party. It is there the helpless Wilkins realizes that Laurie and her friends are werewolves all along disguised as an ordinary human beings who lure men to their party to kill them and Laurie's "virginity" means that she never killed anybody yet. At that moment, the werewolves removed their human disguises and kill their victims, Laurie herself mercilessly slaughters the horrified Wilkins in cold blood wihout showing any remorse.


This segment coincides to a degree with "The Principal", it's revealed Kreeg was earlier calling for help when Sam was attacking him. Kreeg calls Wilkins for help, but Wilkins ignores him.


Although dead at the time of the epilogue, his son Billy, whose now an orphan has dressed up as him for the next Halloween.