Wolfman Hopkins
Sir John Talbot
Background information
Feature films The Wolf Man
The Wolfman
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions The Haunted Mansion
Actor Claude Rains
Anthony Hopkins
Voice Jim Cummings (Growls & Howls)
Performance model Jim Henson (puppeteer)
Bill Barretta (puppeteer)
Character information
Other names Father John
Personality Cold, mysterious, intimidating, strong
Appearance Old man, small beard
Occupation Werewolf
Affiliations Bad/Neutral, later bad
Goal To use his werewolf abilities to gain more power (failed)
To choose his son to take his place (accomplished).
Friends The Wolfman
Enemies Lawrence Talbot
Minions Lawrence Talbot (formerly)
Likes His power, the moon (In Life)
Dislikes Lawrence's disobedience (Afterlife)
Powers and abilities Strength
Weapons Claws and fangs
Fate Gets decapitated and killed by Lawrence
Typical Saying "You're heir to my kingdom, Lawrence."

Sir John Talbot is the father of Larry Talbot and the main antagonist in The Wolfman. In the original film he was a sympathetic character and wasn't a villain at all, but in the remake he is a cold and dark character.