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Sideshow Bob is one of the main antagonists of the tv series The Simpsons And the main antagonist of the treehouse of horror series.

Robert Underdunk Terwilliger  Was a refined Intelligent Man after driving His brother Cecil to an audition For The Krusty The Clown Show He became Krusty,s Sideshow after Krusty Rejected Cecil  Bob Inittialy Endured Much Knowing It Was Expected From Him but Eventuallly Krusty Started acting More Sadistic in His antics In order to Get Laughs Fed Up Bob Disguised Himself as Krusty and Performed an armed Robbery at the Kwik E Mart Following Krusty,s arrest Bob took Control of the Show and Used the opportunity  to introduce Children to Elements of High Culture However One of Krusty,s Fans Bart Simpson  Proved Krusty Was innocent and that Bob Framed Him due to Bart Foiling His Plan Bob Developed Great Loathing for him  While in Prison Bob took part in the prisoner Dating Service and Entered into a relationship With Bart,s aunt Selma Bouvier  as part of a scheme to inherit the Money Selma Had Invested in the stock Market Bob attempted to Kill Selma By blowing Up the Hotel For their Honeymoon  However Bart  Put an End to this and Bob Returned to Prison  after being Paroled Bob Terrorised Bart Sending Him Death Threats  after getting the opportunity to  Follow through on His threats  He granted Bart a final Request  Bart then asked Bob  to sing the entire score of  H.M.S Pinafore delaying Bob long Enough For the Police to aurrive .With Help From Conservative Commentator Birch Barlow  Bob Convinced the public He Was a political Prisoner Forcing Mayor Quimby to Order his release Bob Then Ran For Mayor against Quimby and Won by arranging For the election to be rigged Bob tried Using His Power to Order the demolition of Bart,s Home  and to Send Bart back to Kindegarten However When Bob,s tactics Were discovered by Bart and his sister Lisa He Was Once again incarcerated. Bob Developed a great Dislike For television  While Doing Community Service at an air force Base Bob Seized the opprotunity to Escape  and Made of With a nuclear Device during the air Show Bob appeared on Television  and threatend Using the device To  destroy Springfeild Unless  Springfeild Stopped Broadcasting all television Shows When Confronted by Bart and Lisa  Bob Then Kidnapped Bart and Highjacked The Wright Filer  planning to Crash The Filer on a shack Where Krusty Was broadcasting in an impromptu Tv Show  However the Plan Failed With Bob being Sent back to prison Bob Joined the Prison Out reach Progamme and Tried to live a a life Free of Crime Working a legitimate Job For Cecil  in Spite of Bart,s Constant Investigation Bob Really tried to be a good Man Eventually Cecil Wanted Revenge on Bob  For  Stealing His Job With Krusty and tried to Frame Bob For destroying The SpringFeild  Dam Bob  Worked With Bart and Lisa to Foil Cecil,s plan but both Terwilliger brothers Were  Sent to Prison due to Cheif Clancy Wiggum,s insistence on Bob,s Culpabillity Bob discovered From Prison that Krusty  Had erased all Shows Featuring Him Bob Managed to Convince  Springfeild Elementary to give him a job as an announcer  allowing Him to Corner Bart and Hypnotize Him  Palnning To Use Him as a Suicide Bomber during Krusty,s retirement Show However Upon Hearing Krusty Express Remorse Over How He treated Him Bob decided to abort the Plan He then ended things Well With Krusty Who thanked him for helping to Increase the Show,s ratings Following a murder attempt on the Life of Bart,s Father Homer Bob Was temporally Released to Help Find the Culprit  though a shock Collar Was attached to Bob to Keep him trying to Kill Bart. Bart abused this power and shocked Bob Just When He thought He Was being too Smart.during the Case  Bob Saved Homer,s life  When The Mystery Was Solved  He aurrived at The Simpson Home to Kill Bart but Found Himself Unable to go through With it Bob gave Up his Revenge Moving to Italy For a fresh Start and Starting a family With a woman Named Francesca With Whom they had his son Gino  during this time Bob became Mayor of a Small town in Italy When The Simposns Encountered Bob by Chance Lisa drunkenly joked about Bob,s Criminal deeds estranging Bob From His Citizens Bob then renewed His life as a criminal and His Family Joined Him in His Vendetta toward The Simpsons in an attempt on Bart,s life Bob Lured The Simpsons into a fake  Rib Resturaunt and tied The Entire Family Up Planning to Kill them With TNT  When Bob Was  Put on trial For this  his Father Robert Terwilliger Sr Convinced  the Court that Bart turned Bob Insane. Bob Seemingly Died at the trial but it Was actually Part of a scheme to turn the townsfolk against Bart . Feeling Guilty Bart Visited Bob,s  Coffin Bob leaped out and trapped Bart inside the Coffin to be Creamated Bart,s Family thwarted Bob. Bob Escpaed and Spent a week  Socialising With Krusty the Simpson Family Suspected Him of Kidnapping Homer but Bob helped them realise Selma Was responsible . Under Unknown Circumstances Bob Returned to Prison Bob Used plastic Surgery to Switch His Face With His Cellmate Walt Warren Bob then bought a House Next to The Simpsons So He Could Kill Bart but Bart immediately Discovered His true identity   When Bart Visited Warren In Prison (Who He thought Was Bob) His Concerns Were satisfied Bob then took Bart to Five Corners to Kill however the Police arrived and He Was Arrested. Bob attended The Funeral of Krusty,s Father Rabi Krustowfski and Gave His sincere Condolances. Upon Hearing  that Bart Was Dead  Bob Set out to Find and Kill Him intimidating Bart,s Best Friend Milhouse into Giving Up His Location by singing light Opera  Milhouse Showed Bob  the Manhole Bart Fell into Only For Bob to predictably Kick Milhouse Down The ManHole  and Prepared to Use Military Missles to End His Rivalry With Bart  by Killing Him He then Had a last Minute Change of Heart and Spared The Two Boys  Upon What Will Presumably be His Final Release Bob Retired to a lighthouse and Was Last Seen Warning a Messenger that life Was too Short to Waste on Revenge.