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Shadow is the Secondary Antagonist from Gacha League who joins Sol. He cares about taking down DJ Phantom after He was collected by DJ X that He lies and betrays Him.

He makes His Debut in Gacha Life where He can Be Best Friend Forever of Akumu The Nightmare and Sidekick to The Corruption. He was a Team of Skeletons with a Heritage of the Halloween who became allies with Lupus and His Hateful Enemy, Cykopath.

He is a No Longer Lover of Melnya Kyuzo, Archenemy of Succubus Lilith and Kitsune Mitsuko, Rivalry of Creator Luni and President Naomi and Nemesis to Ellie The Fairy and Idol Kinen.


Shadow was a Skeleton who has Short White Hair. He covers his Hood not to show His eyes, Yellow and gets His Teeth Sharps. He wears a Black Cape, Shirt, Pants and Boots and also has a Claws.


He seems to be Mischievous, Fanatical and Cult Leader to wills lies and betrays Someone for those who assails His Leader, Sol. He was Murderous, Nihilistic and Power Hungry to eats all of Those Egos while He, Akumu and The Corruption sabotages Everyone.

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