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Seidou Takizawa is a villain who appeared in Tokyo Ghoul as a protagonist at first and later as an antagonist in the first half of the Tokyo Ghoul Re.



In his childhood Takizawa was a normal child. And when a ghoul killed his elderly eighbor that shocked his mother, Takizawa enlisted in the academy and joined the CCG to prevent more people being killed by ghouls. And he then met Akira Mado when he was in third place.

Tokyo Ghoul

Seidou Takizawa first appeared when along with two other Ghoul Investigators named Kousuke Houji and Yukinori Shinohara are sent to the 20th Ward by the CCG's Main Headquarters to assist them in the Ghoul situation. After Seidou meets Juuzo Suzuya he gets annoyed with him due to his childish behavior, which Juuzo then starts threatening him. Later when he was promoted to first class, but he gets in a bad mood when Juuzo gets the same promotion. Then he gets annoyed when he has to be transferred to his department and if his partner due to his past rivalry. He is later seen fighting along with Akira against the ghouls. However Tatara appears, and sees that Takizawa quinque was made from the kagune of ghouls that were lost in China, who were Tatara's friends, that makes him angry, but Noro appears and give him the right time to cut Takizawa's right arm, and he is pronounced dead, and his body is rescued by Akihiro Kanou as he turns into an artificial one-eyed ghoul.

Tokyo Ghoul Re Series

Takizawa appears at the Auction under Eto Yoshimura's onders that he get rid of the Ghoul Investigators. He then begins to kill his former classmate even though they beg him not to. Next Takizawa meets Sasaki and Squad Quinx. Where he has a fight with Sasaki, and he tortures him, but before Hinami appears, while Sasaki dominates him more, Takizawa knocks him down, Sasaki impales him with his kagune, but soon Takizawa is forced to retreat when Arima and Squad 0 arrive. Takizawa then taunting Ayato Kirishima for wanting to save Hinami when she was captured by CCG. Then Seidou cheats on Tatara for capturing him in the first series in Tokyo Ghoul, and kills easily. Houji then orders all the troops to execute Seidou, but nevertheless Seidou defeats the troops and kills Houji by beheading before his fight with Akira. However before he kills her. Amon then appears and fights against him and makind awakens from within. At this point Mutsuki appears and fights him, she then almost kills him, but Takizawa is saved Mado who was shocked to see her former colleague being nearly killed, with Amon, Akira and Seidou escaping, with Akira being stabbed in the process. Then Seidou redeems himself and joins Kaneki's organization, the Black Goat.



As a human Takizawa was respected and admired by his superiors. He also did not get along with Juuzo dued to his childish behavior. He was also jealous of Mado because she had more information from Aogiri, and he wanted to get over her.


As a ghoul, Takizawa embraced his dark side, and became more psychotic, sadistic and cruel without regard for human life. He also imitated Eto's manneirisms as he mocked Ayato when he wanted to save Hinami who made Ayato mad at it, before he was reprimanded by Tatara when he was about to attack Takizawa.


  • Takizawa is the third Owl to appear in Tokyo Ghoul, the other two are Eto Yoshimura and her father Kuzen Yoshimura.