"Daddy hunted sharks. I hunt sharks. It's in the blood. If there was somebody better at this, you'd be followin' them, yah?
~ Scaly Pete's introduction

Pierre LeBlanc, better known as Scaly Pete by his fellow anglers, is the main villain and antagonist of the 2020 action role-playing shark video game, Maneater. Captain of the Cajun Queen, he is a professional shark hunter of the city of Port Clovis, whose main goal is to hunt down a MEGA Shark for his father after the Battle Of Guadalcanal, which took his life.

Background[edit | edit source]

Physical Description[edit | edit source]

Scaly Pete is a buffed up man in his late 50s to early 60s with a white and brown beard and moustache. During his intro to the game, he wears a white Port Clovis t-shirt, green military cap, rubber orange overalls, and a necklace with shark teeth. After catching the Mother Bull Shark, cutting open her abdomen, and pulling the young Female Bull Shark out, he loses his right hand after the pup bites down and shakes it off. During episodes 1-6, he now has a prosthetic arm which is a hook, keeps the orange overalls and necklace but leaves the shirt off.

After the first fight with the Female Bull Shark, whose grown into the Adult Stage, he losses his left leg which was bitten off by the shark and suffers a massive burn scar on the left side of his body, while also damaging his left eye and ear. For the remainder of the game up to his death, he now wears blue overalls and a big black utility belt.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Scaly Pete's a very tough sailor when it comes to shark hunter. On his soft side, he's very calm man when discussing about his life as a shark hunter and his son, Kyle LeBlanc whose working with him for the summer. On his shark hunter side, he's a serious man while catching sharks. He often doesn't like to be touch (when Kyle tries to check the damage after the Female Bull Shark tore his left hand off after birth) and doesn't like to be wrong about any real facts that come to him. This is explained when he explains how his father was killed by a MEGA Shark and Kyle tries to correct him that he's talking about the large prehistoric shark, Megalodon which went extinct 2.6 million years ago. He doesn't appreciate Kyle's knowledge about Marine Life and even points his hook hand at him in order to get him to learn a thing or two during the summer.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Maneater[edit | edit source]

Scaly Pete first appears when the Port Clovis television show with the same name, documents Pete's life aboard his boat, the Cajun Queen. Along with his son, Kyle, the two hand just pulled up a big great white shark during the early morning in The Gulf of Port Clovis. He explains his family history when his father hunted sharks and he continued the tradition while also believing that's it's hard to coexist with sharks when all they want to do is kill people. Afterwards, Kyle reports to Pete about a shark spotted in Fawtick Bayou with several deaths reported and its identity can be described by a rusty harpoon in its flank. That's when Pete tells the cameraman to stand aside as he takes control of the boat and heads to the shark's location. The shark in particular is the mother bull shark in which the player learns how to swim and act like a shark.

After the player learns the shark basics and the shark starts eating beachgoers, Scaly Pete appears on the horizon and orders his team of hunters to catch the shark. After failing to do so, Pete decides he'll get the shark himself which he spears it in the mouth, knocking her out cold. Pete then pulls the shark up on to his boat and takes it to Fawtick Bayou where looks at the catch of the day. As he inspects the shark, he finds the harpoon in the flank and believes it to be his father's. But he claims it's not the shark he's looking for because it ain't big enough to be a Mega. Then, Pete slices into the shark's abdomen where he discovers that she's pregnant with a little pup. The baby bull shakes from side to side as Pete holds her. Then, using his knife, he mutilates the pup by slicing her back to create a scar. Kyle was worried about why Pete would do that to a baby shark, but Pete explains that he did it so he can identify her so he'll spear her as she grows up. In a moment of desperation, the pup bites down on Pete's right hand and violently thrashes it off, causing both her and the hand to fall in the Bayou. Pete is left in agony as his right arm bleeds and wipes off Kyle as he inspects it. He tells the cameraman to turn off the camera and help. The pup lands in the water with Pete's severed hand and eats it, as her journey from pup to Mega begins.

Like Father, Like Son[edit | edit source]

After the bull shark whose now grown into an adult, defeated all 10 bounty hunters in Dead Horse Lake, and defeated the Apex Barracuda, the film crew goes back on board the Cajun Queen where Pete (now with a metal hook replacing his hand) talks about his son, Kyle LeBlanc. Kyle is working with him for the summer while on break. Kyle studies Marine Biology in college and is looking to discover new species after graduating. Pete makes a joke when Kyle trips as he's carrying two coolers and believes he gets that personality from his mother. Pete holds up a picture of him with his father explaining how they spend a lot of time together bonding over shark hunting, even if they weren't that close. Pete's father was gonna be the one to catch "The Megashark" but failed to do so during World War II. That's when Pete decided to keep his father's promise and catch the Mega himself. He soon takes control of his boat as he and Kyle set off to work.

Family Update[edit | edit source]

On board the Cajun Queen after the Female Bull Shark defeated the Apex Mako in Golden Shores and the Apex Alligator in Fawtick Bayou, unlocking the bone fins and amphibious mutations, family tensions are at an all time high as Kyle tries to catch a shark using his fishing rod. Pete criticizes Kyle for not fishing properly and tells him that he should go out and do it with one hand. Kyle replies back telling his dad that he shouldn't be mutilating baby sharks. When Pete asks what Kyle's reply was, he says, "nothing." Pete tells the film crew that he couldn't catch anything in a diaper and telling him how to hunt a shark in a sarcastic way. Kyle talks the camera saying that he thought about having some father-son bonding while working on the Cajun Queen and is thinking about looking for another summer job after realizing shark hunting might not be for him. Pete says that not everyone is made to be a fisherman and hopes the whole university thing works out for his son as he looks out over Kyle standing on the bow.

Personal Project[edit | edit source]

During the fourth act of the documentary after the Bull Shark defeats the Apex Hammerhead in Sapphire Bay, Pete and Kyle are in the Fawtick Bayou as twilight falls, preparing to hunt again. Pete explains how it's dangerous being a shark hunter but it's not something unknown to him. He points out to a boat shed showing the crew a PT 522 boat which his father crewed on while in Guadalcanal as a Navy Gunner's Mate. A crew of 16 were on board until one day, the boat came back with only three and his father was one of the victims gone. Kyle asks what happened to him and Pete explains that his father/Kyle's grandfather was killed by a Mega Shark. Kyle tries reassure the crew that Pete is obviously talking about the giant shark Megalodon which went extinct 2.6 million years ago but the shark hunter says that he's seen it even thought he was a kid. Pete then criticizes Kyle again believing that marine biologists discover new animals all the time but Kyle replies back telling him that they're just corrections of species with different names along with misspelling. Pete sternly tells his son that maybe there's things in the water that ain't in his text book and points his hook at Kyle believing he'll learn a thing or two in the summer. Kyle replies with, "Whatever." as Pete leaves to take control of the boat and set out to find the bull shark.

Pete: The Revenge[edit | edit source]

The Bull Shark makes her way to the area where the Cajun Queen is. Pete and Kyle spot the shark and Pete claims it's the one who took his hand and tells Kyle to get ready. Soon, the fight between Scaly Pete and the Bull Shark begins. The shark already learns to use Pete's own mines against him (Which she learned while fighting the last two hunters, Commander Percy Metcalf and Captain Robert Brunlett) by grabbing them and Whipshot them back to his boat. After taking damage, the cage protecting the Cajun Queen breaks away as Pete sends in reinforcements. Pete explains that the cage cost him three thousand dollars and the shark just wasted it. Once the boat's health is all the way down, Peter and Kyle scout for where the shark will appear and in that instant, the Bull Shark emerges and lands on the stern of the Cajun Queen, biting down on Pete's left leg as she thrashes around. Pete reaches for the iron harpoon as Kyle goes to get a jerry can to douse the shark and light her on fire. While doing so, Pete stabs the shark with the harpoon, causing the bull to growl aggressively and tear off Pete's leg. Pete cries out in pain as Kyle douses the shark with the can while Pete gets up and lights a match to ignite the flames. The shark desperately makes her exit to the water just as the boat's gas tank is exposed. Pete tells Kyle to get off since the ship is about to blow, but the young deckhand grabs a fire extinguisher and tries to put out the flames, but it was too late. The Cajun Queen explodes sending both the shark and the father-son duo into the water. Pete grabs onto a piece of the hull as he calls out for Kyle. But Kyle is nowhere to be found revealing that he died in the explosion. Pete watches the Bull Shark's fin as she descends into the water and pounds on the wood in frustration, knowing that his son is killed. The shark also didn't escape unscathed as the explosion left her with a blast wound on the left side of her head, leaving her half blind.

Fish Food[edit | edit source]

The Bull Shark soon makes her way to Prosperity Sands where she now becomes an elder and sets out to kill The Apex Great White, which unlocks the Bone Tails mutation after defeating it. Meanwhile in Dead Horse Lake, Pete is filling up barrels with poison to prepare for his next round with the shark. The cameraman is worried and grows concerned for Pete's plan telling him stop and that it's unnecessarily destructive but Pete retaliates that the one shark killed his son and vows to get revenge. He then pushes the cameraman away so he can be alone. Off screen, Pete poisons the water of Sapphire Bay.

After reaching Caviar Keys, The Bull Shark begins gathering collectibles, discovering landmarks, taking out the hunted animals, and controlling human population as she reaches level 30. Once reached to level 30, the shark is now a MEGA Shark and is readying to take on any competition and most importantly, Scaly Pete. Once the main objectives are complete, the shark equips with Shadow Head, Bone Fins, and Tails, and Bio Electric Body and heads to Caviar Key's Marine Park where she takes on the largest orca of Port Clovis, Mahana aka the Apex Orca. The "Finger Food" Human Population Objective reveals that Pete had been paid to capture Orcas for the Marine Show and Mahana was one of the unlucky whales to be captured. Upon reaching the Marine Park, The Mega Shark and the Apex Orca fight as they try determine whose the top predator. At level 40, Apex Orca is one of the toughest Apex Predators in the game. The Mega Bull defies the odds, and defeats the Orca, rewarding the shark with the Bone Head Mutation.

The Mega Shark soon makes her way to The Gulf where she takes control of the region and fights the last and largest Apex Predator, The Apex Sperm Whale. After defeating the large white whale, The Mega Shark is deemed the true, "Apex Predator" of Port Clovis.

Mega Shark vs PT 522[edit | edit source]

After the Mega Shark defeats the Apex Sperm Whale, Scaly Pete is making some final adjustments to his father's PT 522 boat, equipping it with a strong cage, electric shark shields, and torpedos, while also painting shark teeth on the bow. The film crew records the preparation as the Cameraman nervously asks Pete to not do it, claiming he and the tv crew are scared. Pete laughs it off asking if they're sharks too, but the cameraman insists on getting the police and the U.S Coast Guard involved because it's getting way out of hand. Pete angrily approaches the camera crew wielding his knifing, explain that's he's most sane man they ever seen and he didn't get to Port Clovis easily because of some shark taking everything he's got and give the shark the same chance she gave to Kyle, none. He then orders the crew to get off his boat or he'll kill them. Pete hits the camera as he gets on the refurbished PT 522 and heads out to The Gulf, claiming he'll make Shark Etouffee out of the Mega Shark.

Full equipped with Brute Muscles, Hearty, and Reinforced Cartilage Organs, as well as removing the evolution mutation sets, the Mega Shark makes her way to the area where Pete and his new attack vessel are. Upon enter the area, Pete welcomes the shark, telling her that he came prepared for the last fight. Soon, the fight between Scaly Pete and the Mega Shark begins. Just like the mines from the Cajun Queen, The shark can whip shot the torpedos back at the PT 522 but will have to dodge them first in order to make them easier to grab on and whip shot. After the cage breaks, Reinforcements arrive as they once again try to take out the shark. But the bounty hunters' efforts fail and the boats soon sink, leaving only the PT 522. The Mega Shark finishes off the attack vessel up until the boat's health bar reaches zero.

After the PT 522 has taken full damage, Pete walks out to the bow looking for the shark until the massive Mega Shark lunges at him, landing on the bow, and bites him furiously. Then the shark throws him to the crates filled with explosives right as Pete grabs the remote and says his final words, "Laissez les bons temps rouler!" In slow motion followed by freeze screen, the MEGA shark goes in for the kill as Pete presses the button and the whole boat explodes, killing Pete. As the PT 522 sinks in ball of flames, the narrator finishes off the documentary saying, "I suppose there's a lesson to be gleaned here. Something about the increasing population of the natural world has placed humans on a collision course with an environmental apocalypse. But this is a basic cable show where people tune in to watch sharks kill people and people kill sharks. So until next fishing season, this is Maneater." After the roll credits end, the game is complete and the Mega Shark has survived the explosion, returning to the nearest grotto as she celebrates her victory for avenging her mother's death. The shark may also continuing exploring more of Port Clovis while also fighting other marine animals.

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