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Sarah Danlin is a serial killer and rape victim who appeared in season 2, episode 18 of Criminal Minds. She copied the killing style of Jack the Ripper, a real life serial killer who was ever caught.

Early Life[]

There is not much information about the early life of Sarah Danlin, although who the BAU did believe she had a history of sexual abuse. This history likely contributed to her mental break and the associated rage she felt after her rape.

Trigger Event[]

The BAU initially believed the killer to be a man, they later came to the conclusion that the only thing that would cause a straight man to leave his friends, is a woman. Sarah was a medical student in Tulany University before dropping out after her assault.

One evening, Sarah was at a bar named Jones, with a group of her friends. She was approached by a man who asked her to come play pool with him. She went with the man, who’s friend also followed them up to the pool tables and they proceeded to rape her.

The police were called and she wanted to press charges against the man and his friend. The responding police officers, William LaMontagne and Jr Smith, had differing opinions on how to proceed. Officer LaMontagne believed what happened to the victim and wanted to arrest the assailants however Officer Smith, who was friends with one of the assailants, convinced her to drop the charges to avoid “ruining the mans life”.

She began copying Jack the Rippers style of killing and wrote letters to Officer LaMintagne as she likely believed he would understand her. She was finally stopped at the Royal Ruby Inn.

Modus Operandi[]

Sarah killed several caucasians men as a way of getting justice against her actual assailants.

She seduced men between their mid 20s to early 40s. She would lure the men away and cut their throats. Following in Jack the Rippers shoes, she would send letters to the police and killed many of the victims in the same ways he did.


She is an attractive, charming woman, who has suffered from sexual abuse in her past. She identified with Jack The Ripper because they both lost their identities.


  • 2005, New Orleans.
  • August 10: Frank Farsten
  • August 19: Chris Dandale
  • August 23: Umnamed Man
  • October 8: Umnamed Man (copied in homicide of serial killer Jack the Ripper who killed Catherine Eddowes)
  • February 25: Umnamed Man
  • February 26: Mark
  • February 27: Two Umnamed (copied in homicide of Ripper's who murders Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes)
  • February 28: John (based in homicide of a of victim of Ripper's the last victim of Jack the Ripper, Mary Jane Kelly)


  • Is probable who was inspired in theory who the famous serial killer Jack the Ripper who in truth were a woman.
  • A thought of not if character different in personally Sarah is similar the Otoya Takechi both are inspired in Jack the Ripper and are serial killers only a different in between the two to the victims of Otoya were all feminine while the victims of Sarah were men, also both are has an knowledge about medical physician and both in final are arrested, and also Sarah Danlin not's Complete Monster more probable being with Otoya Takechi.