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Ryuuji "TheCroc" Shiina serves as the Supporting Antagonist from the Television Series direct to video Shows of Killing Bites who joins Sumitomo Zaibatsu. He cares about destroying Shota Yabe after He retreats because He's thinking about abusing Ui Inaba.

He is the No Longer Best Friend Forever of Den Oonuma who hates His Boss, Kanae Kazama for ruining His Deeds and Plans. He is also the 20 People's shooter that He tortures the 9 Men in any slights and Wets The 11 Girls Panties, Every Colors under Their Upskirts between Schoolgirls and Outsides.

He was voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi in Anime Adaptions, the Whom in Seiyuu who also voiced Diavolo from Jojo Bizarre.


He is the First Countable Villains killed in action after Houjou passed away, cuts His wiener and pees on His pants by Hitomi.

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