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Ryoko "Araka" Arashina is the Recurring Femme Antagonist from the Television Series direct to video Shows of Killing Bites who joins Yatsubishi Zaibatsu. She cares about taking down Hitomi Uzaki after She retreats the She defeats Her Rivalry, Yuugo Tani.

Minor Challenges

  • Ryoko Arashina VS Hitomi Uzaki - Interrupted by Ichinosuke
  • Ryoko Arashina VS Ichinosuke Okojima - Loss


  • She hates Hippos.


  • She is the First Villainess that She was incarcerated by Ichinosuke for killing His friends before Hongou Jerome was jailed by The Most Bricc Ratel.
  • She hates Bras because it doesn't fit in Her Tall Breasts.

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