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Ryback (Real Name: Ryan Reeves) is One of the Heroic antagonist from WWE franchise. Like many other wrestlers for WWE, his role has varied over the years. Currently, he is also portrayed the English Voice Actor, Himself only.

He is a traitor for The Nexus, Cm Punk's former ally, and John Cena's archenemy. He is also the occasional/top leader of Dolph Ziggler and Erik Rowan.

Role and villainous acts

In 2010, he lead Team Nexus, under Cm Punk's command, to destroy the alliance of other wrestlers by picking one by one, and fighting them with no mercy. Ryback helped Punk defeat John Cena and Randy Orton, but was eliminated due to heavy injuries. In that battle, he and John Cena where revealed to be sworn enemies. In 2012, Ryback became more of an adversary, and he managed to almost stop and defeat Roman Reigns. He also put a stop to CM Punk's activity, and got rid of him for the next while. He mercilessly let Camacho come closer to him in anger, just so he could rid Camacho during the battle.

He also fought and stopped Brad Maddox in november, and lifted him up infront of the audience, stating that he is at home.

He also managed to enslave Dolph Ziggler by defeating him and making him surrender to this fight.

Ryback also powerbombed CM Punk with a table, thus defeating him. He also fought John Cena, who ultimately defeated him. However, he was attacked by a group of fans, as he wanted to kill the raging fans, and was held back by the security guards.

In 2013, he fought John Cena, ultimately trying to illegally throw him into the ambulance truck, and kill him there. However, John Cena self-defended himself, and became the winner eventually. He then threatened to do the same to Kane, and told him that he rules the games, and that one day he will instruct other wrestlers and tell them all what to do, thus remaining above them all. Kane told him that his rules maybe control hell, but they don't manage to control him. Ryback defeated him in a battle, and through him onto a table, then stating in anger that he will rule.

He later fought Big Show and defeated him, but was in return defeated by an enraged Randy Orton.

He also almost killed Mick Foley, but was humiliated by Cena who came into the ground and stopped him from doing so, thus telling him the consequence.

In 2014, when John Cena offers him an alliance with him and his team, he tortures Cena as a thankyou, and rebuffs his offer.

He becomes the third leader of The Authority, once again after Randy Orton (who lead him and the team all formerly), and also under Randy's on-screen COO/lieutenant, Triple H.

He also defeats Cena and his team in a massive battle on November, the 10th.

He later betrayed Triple H, and defeated his henchmen, Corporate Kane, in a massive fight, thus becoming the new second-in-command.

He then plots with Big Show to sabotage Triple H while he stands on stage with The Authority.

He then defeats Big E, and chokes him, causing him to be injured.

In 2015, he defeated Big Show in a battle of vengeance, ever since he betrayed The Authority, and overtook his rank in WWE. He then won Rusev in a battle, and humiliated him on stage. He then defeated Seth Rollins for his betrayal, and even fought him off stage. It was a rough battle in which he had won.

He later fought and defeated King Barret, and after that, he had sent Dolph Ziggler to fight King Barret once again.

He later forced Heath Satlers to surrender to him, during a non-canon battle.

He also fought and defeated Mark Henry.

He also temporarily teamed with The Usos.

In 2016, he is struggling to stay on the WWE show. He was defeated by Kalisto, but he also survived and he defeated Roman Reigns, only to be attacked and stopped by Randy Orton and Big Show.

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