Background information
Feature films Bambi
Bambi II
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Anthony Ghannam (Bambi II)
Elizabeth Daily
Performance model
Inspiration Ronno from the original book
Character information
Other names
Personality Evil, mean, brutal
Appearance Muscular, dark brown hair
Skinny, light brown hair (child)
Occupation Bully
Goal Bambi - Embarrass Bambi and take his place as the prince of the forest, have Faline as his mate (failed)

Bambi II - Make Faline his girlfriend by any means necessary (failed)

Home The woods
Friends Stab and Jab, his mother
Enemies Bambi, Thumper, Flower, Faline, the Great Prince
Likes Bullying Bambi and his friends, being praised, humiliating Bambi
Dislikes Bambi, being humiliated, Bambi getting all the attention, being defeated
Powers and abilities
Fate Tossed over a cliff side and into the water and defeated by Bambi and walked away (Bambi)
Ran away while his nose got bitten by a turtle (Bambi II)
Typical Saying "It looks like I scared the shadow right outta him! Did you see the look on his..."
"'Bambi?' Isn't that a girl's name?"

Ronno is the secondary antagonist of Bambi and the main antagonist of Bambi II. He is voiced by Anthony Grahham.


Bambi - Ronno is a dark brown mule deer. He has brown eyes, long legs, and large antlers. His underside is light brown.

Bambi II - Ronno is a young mule deer with growing antlers. His body is brown with a white underside.

Biography Edit


In his only appearance in the original film, Ronno confronts an adult Bambi and Faline at the end of Bambi's daydream, appearing out of a bush. Ronno begins to separate Faline and Bambi, enraging the latter, who charges at him to fight. Ronno battles Bambi, initially overwhelming his younger combatant. However, Bambi eventually managed to easily gained the upper hand, overpowering Ronno and knocked him off the hill and into the river below. Defeated, Ronno left and didn't appear afterwards.

Bambi IIEdit

in Bambi || there appears that he has two friends ( stab and jab ) we don’t see them in the movies but there , there ( semi canon ) . He also very much loves messing with Bambi he wants to be better then Bambi and it’s said he thinks hes ‘ better ‘ then everyone else but seeing that Bambi won in the fights a few times as fawns and now as an adult his plans where for sure spoiled , and that poor Faline won’t be getting with you young sir.

Trivia Edit

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