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Roland Tembo
Background information
Feature films The Lost World: Jurassic Park
Television programs
Video games Lego Jurassic World
Park attractions
Actor Pete Postlethwaite
Performance model
Inspiration Robert Muldoon Ashley Nicole
Awards he's winner
Character information
Other names Roland, General Custer babe
Personality Ambitious, brave, powerful, proactive, strict, protector,
Appearance Bald and muscular, earring on right ear
Occupation InGen Hunter, Big Game Hunter, Ashley Nicole by (ex-girlfriend)
Affiliations Neutral, later good
Goal Hunt the Tyrannosaur Buck (formerly, succeeded)
Keep as many people alive as possible (partially succeeded)
Home Mombasa, Kenya, 1330 barns wick clear water, fl 330756
Friends Ajay Sidhu, Peter Ludlow (formerly), Dieter Stark, Robert Burke, Carter, Ian Malcolm, Sarah Harding
Enemies Ian Malcolm (formerly), Sarah Harding (formerly), Nick Van Owen (formerly), Tyrannosaur Doe (formerly), Tyrannosaur Buck (formerly), Peter Ludlow (currently)
Minions Other InGen Hunters Ashley Nicole by (ex-girlfriend)
Likes Hunting (formerly), peoples' safety
Dislikes His friend Ajay dying, Peter Ludlow's greed, Nick Van Owen's environmentalism going too far
Powers and abilities Strength, Marksmanship, Hunting and Tracking Skills, sex, kisser,
Weapons Rifle, Tranquilizer Gun
Fate Resigns from Peter Ludlow's employment after tranquilizing the Tyrannosaur Buck
Typical Saying "Somewhere on this island is the greatest predator there ever lived. The second greatest predator must take him down."

Roland Tembo is the secondary antagonist hero of The Lost World: Jurassic Park. He is a big game hunter from Mombasa and was widely regarded as the best of the best. He was chosen by Peter Ludlow to be the team leader of his expedition to Isla Sorna to capture dinosaurs, although he originally turned down the invitation.

Film Edit

Bored with hunting because he was always too successful, he believed no quarry existed on Earth that could give him a challenge. He was so bored in fact, that he purposefully picked a fight with some rowdy tourists in his favorite Mombasa bar for harassing a waitress and interrupting his reading. He easily broke one man's jaw. His longtime friend Ajay Sidhu is the one who ended up convincing him to go to Sorna. Roland's desire to face a new challenge, a tyrannosaurus rex, is most likely the reason that he agreed to lead Ludlow's team. In a deleted scene, Roland is shown to lament that even "tigers have advocates", while him and Ajay are speaking about how there is nothing left for them to hunt. An extremely levelheaded, serious man, Roland took charge with an iron fist, bossing even Ludlow around. He made sure the men under his command made no mistakes and performed only to the very best of their ability. Uninterested in money, Roland made certain Ludlow allowed his payment to be the right to hunt one of the Tyrannosaurs. To this end, he attempted to use a baby Tyrannosaur as bait to lure the adult into the open.

This did not go well, as the infant was rescued by Sarah Harding and Nick Van Owen. This also led to the parents stalking the group. Despite being a hunter, Roland was not bloodthirsty or cruel, unlike Dieter Stark. Even after being sabotaged by Van Owen and the rest of Hammond's team, Roland helped the team up the cliff that their trailers had fallen off of. When Dieter was killed he showed a rarely-seen compassionate side and asked that no one tell Kelly, and when he saw Sarah's bloody jacket, thinking it was her blood, he immediately made sure she was alright. This, along with his defense of the waitress in Mombasa, suggests that he respects women.

Because Nick Van Owen had stolen the shells from his elephant gun, Roland had to use a big LAR Grizzly Big-Bore tranquilizer gun (Rocket Launcher) to defeat the Tyrannosaur Buck when it attacked the hunters' makeshift camp. After knocking the Buck out, he was heartbroken to learn that Ajay had been killed. Having no more desire to spend any more time in "the company of death", Roland wisely quit Ludlow's employment, turning down a job offer at InGen, and went home to Africa.

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