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Robert Wilkinson is a minor antagonist who appeared in a flashback where he was a psychopath serial killer who killed young girls all before his death, he appears in the third season of Criminal Minds along with his son Charlie Wilkinson. He is portrayed by Matt Hoffman. 


Robert was a farmer who lived with his wife Mary in Fredericksburg, Virginia; he left her after she became pregnant with Charlie, and fearing for the safety of his baby due to Robert being violent. That at least at the time Robert spent several days in prison after being arrested for drunk driving. His wife abandoned him and led him to kidnap a troublesome girl named Karen Foley whom he tortured and raped for days and held her captive in his barn in a small cave. When Robert was drunk one night, and Karen realizing that his tethers were loose and the barn door was falling apart, he managed to escape, and though the story was dismissed by his history of drug abuse and running away. Karen gave birth to her soon Stephen Foley who is her son with Robert and a product of a rape by him. After Karen's escape from his first victim, Robert continued to kidnap other five young women where he raped and tortured them and put them into captivity for weeks before slashing them with an ax and killing them, he dumped their bodies in a field. Civil War. And just after a year Mary left Robert, she came back to him, and within hours when Mary realizing what Robert had done, she killed him to propect her son, and made it look like an accident.


When Charlie learned of his existence and what he had done, Charlie then began to copy his modus operandis. And in investigating Charlie's murders, BAU soon discovered that Robert is the 80's killer.