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Rob Donovan had a rough upbringing as he grew up in a bad neighborhood but had a good relationship with his sister Carla Connor. When Carla ran away to marry Paul Connor,Rob was left on his own to support his mother.

When she got into debt with drug dealers Rob agreed to be a getaway driver in an attempt to pay them off. However Rob was caught and sentenced to 8 years in prison causing him to lose contact with Carla.

Following his release Rob tracked Carla down to her business at Underworld and ordered her boyfriend Peter Barlow to stop giving her a hard time. When Rob Met up With Carla in the rovers To Catch up he began having a go at her for abandoning him. With in a few days Rob persuaded Carla to give him a job at Underworld. When Carla announced Plans to sell the business. Rob Knew he couldn't Make the bid and decided to doctor the books so Broker Moira Bailey Would Undervalue the business.

When Carla found out she was furious and decided to sack him but this led to Rob setting up a rival business in order to stop Rob's tricks Carla gave her brother a 45 0% share of the factory.

Rob entered into a relationship with Peter's step sister Tracy and gave her a job at underworld in packing prior to this Rob had been together with Eva price but they split up after Eva discovered Rob's affair with a hotel waitress. Because of Carla Rob was given a job working under Peter at the bookies and delighted in taunting Peter Over how business had improved since his employment. Peter Was equally hostile assigning Rob menial tasks and unfairly docking his wages Rob then got revenge by placing high bets in the bookies. When Peter was unable to pay Rob back he was forced to allow Tracy and Rob to have the premises for the bookies rent free for 6 months which they converted into Barlow's buys Rob showed genuine concern for Carla attempting to warn her off from Peter but after seeing he meant the world to her Rob gave Carla and Peter his blessing .

Rob attempted to put more effort into his relationship with Tracy but the relationship was jeopardized when Tracy learned of Rob's brief fling with Tina McIntyre much to Peter's delight however Tracy realized she still loved him and she found it in her heart to forgive him. When Rob learned Of Peter's affair. With Tina he chose to keep it from Carla in an attempt to spare His sister's feelings.

 after seeing Tina's devastated Expression When Peter announced Carla's pregnancy Rob went over in an attempt to persuade her to stay quiet Rob Chased her onto the balcony of the builders yard When she threatened to tell Carla of the affair and report Tracy and Rob to the police for their dodgy Dealings Rob pushed her off the balcony. While Rob tried Convincing her she had an accident Tina threatened to Expose his Crimes Causing Rob to Kill her.

Rob Was wracked With guilt Especially as Carla Was a suspect in Tina's Murder and tried to pin the blame on Peter. On the day of Tina's Funeral Rob got into a fight With a drunken Peter. Causing Peter to State that he and Tina Were "Even" Resulting in more Suspicion from Other Street residents. 

Following Peter's Conviction. Carla Suspected Tracy Was responsible and Rob Was Covering for.Her However Rob told Carla Tracy Was innocent truthfully informing that She was doing dodgy dealings With Tony Stewart on the night of the Murder.

Carla then deduced Rob was the killer, which he later confess to on the day of Rob's wedding Carla reported Him to the police While he tried to Escape With Tracy, she betrayed Him to the police as She did not Want to abandon her daughter Amy.

During his imprisonment Rob's love for Tracy and Carla turned into resentment. He sent a visiting order to Tracy and led her into thinking He had forgiven her betrayal .Rob then Sent another Visiting Order to Johnny Connor revealing He Knew Johnny Was Carla's biological Father and tried to Use this to blackmail Johnny for money. before leaving Johnny let Slip Tracy Was in a relationship with Ex Husband Robert Preston .

Rob then Sent Robert a visiting Order and proved Tracy's attempted infidelity to Him. On Tracy's Final Visit Rob revealed His Cruel Com and Reviled In His Ex's Misery.

When Rob decided to testify regarding illicit activities in the prison regarding Drugs He Was put on a transfer Van to be moved to a secure Prison. The prison Crashed into a river causing Rob to Escape and be harbored by Tracy Who forgave Him for his past discretions they again Planned to go on the run but Rob ultimately sacrificed His Freedom in order to prove Tracy's innocence in the attempted Murder of her step father Ken Barlow.