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Richie Aprile was a capo with in the dimeo crime family. When Richie's brother Jackie and his friend Tony Soprano robbed Feech La manna's card game and Feech wanted them killed Richie stepped in to help them he served 10 years in prison during Richie's stay there Jackie(who was the Family boss) passed away and was succeeded by Tony. after being released Richie. Confronted Beansie Gaeta demanding money from him Which Beansie refused to do Richie then tracked Besnsie down ramming him with his car before putting the car into gear and driving over the paralyzed Beansie Tony was furious over this and threatened Richie with severe consequences. It was around this time Richie resumed his old relationship With Tony's sister Janice Richie also loaned money to Tony's childhood Friend Davy Scatino and in a rare moment of compassion cut him off when he began to miss payments When Richie found Scatino at Tony's high stakes poker game he was furious and tried to attack Davy causing Tony to intervene as he couldn't afford to lose face by allowing one of his players to be harmed. Tony also punished Richie by ruling that he wouldn't get his money until Tony got his Richie had shown disdain for Tony's protégé Christopher Moltisanti due to Christopher's violent relationship With his niece Adrianna believing Christopher's behavior was inappropriate as they weren't married which led Matthew Bevilaqua and Sean Gismonte's attempt to kill Chris in an effort to gain Richie's favor. When the attempt failed Richie rejected Bevilaqua's requests for help and told Tony of his part in Christopher's hospitalization Which led to Bevilaqua's execution at the hands of Tony and Big Pussy Bonphenseiro. Tony also reprimanded Richie When and he and Tony's uncle Junior sold drugs along the garbage routes as it could attract unwanted police attention and was upset by How Richie was allowing Jackie's son Jackie Jr to watch football and drink beer instead of focusing on his education as Jackie Sr would have wanted. After learning from Janice that Tony saw him as a violent psychopath and intentionally kept him away from his kids Richie began plotting With Junior to over throw him ultimately Junior chose he was better off With Tony and informed him of Richie's intentions following Richie's failure to gain Albert Barese's support. Richie never learned of this however as he was shot dead by Janice in retaliation after he hit her for having the nerve to defend his son's (suspected) homosexuality.