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Guess it's time for a good 'ole massacre
~ Reze
Reze .jpg

Reze is a Half human, Half demon hybrid from the manga series called Chainsaw Man. She is the main antagonist in Bomb Devil arc series.


Reze met Denji during a phone booth in the rain. After that fact the two started to relate, one day Denji goes to a restaurant and he soon finds Pray there, she is very polite, she helps Denji with homework and the two go out together at school. After that, she starts to have more bond with Denji. Pray also finds a strange man with a knife, she then starts looking for him, and when the man tries to stab her, but she kills him easily. After that Denji meets Bureau, she then meets Denji at the cafe, she met Makima. And lastly when Reze shows her true colors and attacks Denji by pulling out her tongue with a kiss, she later has a fight with Denji in which he kills her.



  • Reze's appearance is very similar to Touka Kirishima of Tokyo Ghoul and incredible as it seems, since both worked in a restaurant, both are young, and both are related to the protagonist.