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Rasputia Latimore
Background information
Feature films Norbit
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Actor Eddie Murphy
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Evil, mean, selfish, insane, cold, heartless, lazy, greedy, arrogant, rude, loud, abusive, aggressive, gluttonous, domineering, uncaring, brutal
Appearance Morbidly obese black woman, dark hair, large breasts and butt, wears a variety of revealing outfits
Occupation Stripper
Affiliations Bad
Goal Become rich, open the strip club, and keep Norbit under her control. Make Norbit’s life miserable (All failed)
Home Mexico
Friends Big Black Jack Latimore, Blue Latimore, Earl Latimore, Deion Hughes, Buster Perkin
Enemies Norbit Albert Rice, Kate Thomas, Mr. Wong, Pope Sweet Jesus, Lord Have Mercy, Sam Giovanni, Ms. Henderson, Morris, Abe
Minions Big Black Jack Latimore, Blue Latimore, Earl Latimore
Likes Getting what she wants, power, money, abusing Norbit, eating, her brothers, farting
Dislikes Not getting what she wants, Norbit, Kate, Mr. Wong, Norbit's love for Kate
Powers and abilities Deception
Brute strength
Weapons Spade
Fate Becomes a Mexican stripper
Quote "How you doin'?"
”Did somebody call me a whale?”

Rasputia Latimore is the main antagonist of Norbit. She is Norbit's arch-nemesis and ex-wife, Big Black Jack, Blue, and Earl's leader, boss, and younger sister, and Kate's arch-rival.



Rasputia was born in 1967. Rasputia's parents were never seen or mentioned in the first movie. Rasputia was raised in a big house by her three tough, older brothers. Her oldest brother's name is Big Black Jack, her second brother's name is Blue, and her third, youngest brother's name is Earl. Rasputia's always been fat since she was 10 years old in 1977.

In Norbit

As a child, Rasputia meets Norbit Albert Rice. After she beat up a pair of twin bullies who were abusing Norbit, Rasputia forced Norbit to be her boyfriend up until high school graduation, where she forced him into marriage. When Rasputia married Norbit, they moved into a house where the two had sexual intercourse often, with Rasputia always crushing Norbit and breaking the bed. Eventually, Rasputia cheated on Norbit; she even committed adultery again with her personal trainer Buster Perkin. Rasputia never loved Norbit and she would always beat him up.

But when Norbit got to see his old childhood sweetheart Kate after she came to her old home town and the very orphanage they both grew up in, Rasputia got all angry and insanely jealous of her. Her three brothers then consulted with Deion Hughes, Kate's successful, yet unscrupulous, fiance who, like Rasputia, is a liar, a cheat, and an unfaithful lover. They requested his help to get Kate to unknowingly sign a contract with a liquor license that gives the Latimores ownership and control and turning the orphanage into their strip club. Rasputia just went along with her brothers' plan and threatens Norbit by never wanting him to see, talk to, or even think about Kate again or else she'll pour acid on her (she showed Norbit a demonstration of it by getting a potato art of Kate and pouring the acid on it {thus ruining it} and saying to it, "How YOU doin'!").

Kate came to visit Norbit, but he saw Rasputia watching and said that he didn't love Kate to save her from Rasputia's wrath. Kate thought Norbit was telling the truth and left, hurt and angry. This pleased Rasputia, but Norbit was so heartbroken he decided to leave during the night. Mr. Wong, the owner of the orphanage he used to stay at, told him he was a man on the inside. Unfortunately, Rasputia and her brothers found Norbit and they told him of their plan to turn the orphanage into a strip club and Rasputia locks Norbit in the basement and instructs Blue to keep guard. Rasputia and her two other brothers drove to the wedding to watch Deion marry Kate so the plan would succeed. However, Blue called to tell them Norbit had escaped. Furious, Rasputia and her brothers went searching for Norbit and saw him riding a bike to the wedding. When Norbit stands up to Rasputia and tells her that Kate taught him to ride a bike, she puts him in a headlock, but another car comes and nearly hits the car so Rasputia is forced to let go.

Norbit makes it to the wedding and tells Kate that he loves her, much to Rasputia's fury. Norbit is unable to convince Kate that Deion marries women for their money, and Rasputia gloats that she has won. But Norbit reveals he had a plan B, and calls Deion's previous wives, revealing Deion is a fake and he runs away. Furious at having lost, all the Latimores attack Norbit and are about to deliver a beat down when the entire town arrives to help Norbit. Rasputia's brothers are afraid, but Rasputia grabs a spade and fights her way to Norbit. She raises the spade to hit him, only for Wong to grab a spear and throw it directly at her butt. She gives out a yell and runs away with surprising speed. Now with Rasputia gone, the town chase her brothers out of town.

It is revealed that the Latimores went to Mexico and opened a strip club there, meaning that they got their happy ending as well. Rasputia becomes the club's most famous stripper.


Rasputia is mean, selfish, cold, heartless, greedy, arrogant, deceitful, stubborn, lazy, disrespectful, and overall evil in nature.

Rasputia has a power-hungry demeanor as she had originally picked Norbit for a victim as a child and has since been controlling in every aspect of his life.

She is cunning and manipulative as she was the one who came up with the idea to turn the orphanage into a strip club and had her brothers Big Black Jack, Blue, and Earl (whom she also likes to control) carry it out.

Rasputia is a jealous person, evidenced when she saw Norbit with Kate. Later, when Blue was forced by Rasputia to tell her of Norbit's whereabouts, she lost her temper and immediately went driving around town to look for him and ultimately passed out when she witnessed Norbit and Kate kissing in church. After waking up and breaking out of her car, she grabs a crowbar and runs into the church in an attempt to kill Norbit, only to be foiled when she finds the church empty. This also shows her hypocrisy since she cheated on Norbit with her dance teacher, despite denying that anything happened.

Rasputia has a monstrous side as she even went as far as to maim Lloyd with her car simply because he was staring at her.

Ever since Kate came into Norbit's life, Rasputia has become more domineering and careless.

At the end of the film, Rasputia's rage and madness gets the best of her when she fights her way though the crowd at the church with a spade and tries to kill Norbit with it for foiling her plan, only to be defeated when Mr. Wong spears her with a curtain rod, making her drop the spade and run away.

Despite all of that, she shows to be devoted to her religion, believing in God and the afterlife. This is shown when she tries to indirectly offend Kate because of her slender appearance and says to her not blame God for her body shape when the latter said everyone is perfect the way God made them. Another example is when she accidentally cursed in the church when she found it empty in her failed attempt to kill Norbit and starts to pray like a way to ask for forgiveness. However, despite her claims to be a Christian, she violates every rule in the Bible.


  • Her name is a pun on the name Rasputin.