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Ragyo Kiryuin is the main antagonist of Kill la Kill. She is the CEO of Revocs, a clothing corporation that is part of the Kiryuin conglomerate.


Ragyo's ultimate goal is the annihilation of the human race by transforming the earth into a cocoon for the parasitic alien Life Fibers, and she carries it out entirely of her own free will and with great gusto. After finding out Ryuko was her discarded daughter seventeen years later, Ragyo's first action is to Mind Rape her into subservience that temporarily succeeds. When Satsuki begins her rebellion, Ragyo wastes no time in delivering her daughter and calling her a worthless failed experiment too. When defeated, Ragyo rejects any offer at reconciliation with her daughters, tearing out her own heart and crushing it with the promise that the Life Fibers will return and destroy all Ryuko held dear.


Ragyo desires nothing less than the total physical, mental, and sexual domination of everyone she comes into contact with, up to and including her progeny. While she initially seems to display affection for her subordinates, she soon proves she has absolutely no qualms about absorbing them into herself when it is convenient for her.