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Rachel Lancroft was a copycat and psychotic serial killer, and also the secondary antagonist of the Lonely Heart episode of the first season of Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior.

She is portrayed by Ginifer King.


Very little is known about Lancroft's past, other than that she was molested by her uncle, and that at some point. She met Marcus Graham, online; psychopathic serial killer who was later arrested. She was also motivated by him to finish his law of school. With that in 2008 she became Graham's lawyer, and was also motivated by Graham's lawyer, and was also motivated by Graham to start killing to sastify Graham's psychopathic tendencies. After killing four people, she was called to defend Graham from the Red Cell team who questioned him about the murders. However, the team soon realizes Lancroft's submissive behavior around Graham and deduces that she is the killer. But however, she runs away before they can arrest her, she then goes after Jill, Graham's last victim, who he failed to kill, to help him finish what he started. However, Simms and LaSalle track her down, ans she is shot dead by Mick Rawson, before she can stab Jill. After that, Cooper tells Griffith that he will not inform Graham about his death.