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All I did, I did for House Lannister! Always! You lord father, ask him i've always been his servant, since the days of the Mad King!.
~ Pycelle

Grand Maester Pycelle was an antagonist which appeared in both A Song of Ice and Fire and also at the TV series known as Game Of Throne. Pycelle is Grand Maester at the City of Citadel, Pycelle serves to King's Landing for but of 40 years. He is portrayed by Julian Glover.


Pycelle forged his position how maester served Aegon V Targaryen first king which had served. After of conflicts between Aeris and his son Rhaegar, which the court would stay divided between to which would go being loyal to king or prince. Pycelle is hand of the king, Pycelle had sent a letter to Oldtown for Citadel writing who at tensions in court being seem with the Dance of the Dragons, Pycelle was with fear of the conflicts between to which was loyals to king or the prince. Which to less who were done some deal between at two factions, Later Pycelle would go ask for Aeris which were to the Tourney at Harrenhal.

After in Robert's Rebellion all at force were destroyed for rebellious which were led by Robert Baratheon. So Lord Owen Merryweather was exiled under at the indirectment of have helped to rebellious and his successor also was exiled for not can defeat Robert, after at the death of Mad King in the hands of Jaime Lannister which so Robert Baratheon would come being the next king of Westeros.

Game Of Thrones

Season 1

Pycelle appeared in a meeting for greets Ned Stark to arrive of Winterfell, Pycelle and Ned talks about to poison which killed Jon Arryn and Pycelle talk which the poison is weapon of woman or eunuch so he directly implying Varys. He also supports to murder of Daenerys Targaryen, after at the death Robert and to prison of Ned Stark under betrayal. He also it's in execution of Ned Stark.

Season 2

After Tyrion being find with Pycelle which so Tyrion talk for to Grand Maester under his plans to him. Which Pycelle to in hear Tyrion tell by Cersei which after her go for confront Tyrion. Which Tyrion Bronn and Timett go for confront Pycelle for him have tell his plan by Cersei. After Cersei require which Pycelle be released what Tyrion agrees, after Pycelle and Cersei cool a show for to marriage of Joffrey and Margaery, Pycelle also inform which talk with High Septon which same approves at the smash of commitments between Joffrey and Sansa.

Season 3

Later after being reinstated to partipate in a meeting of the council. Which Tywin give a proposal of the marriage to Littlefinger about him and the Lysa Arryn, Which he accepts. Which after Tywin demoted Tyrion for being new Master of Coin in place of the Petyr, which mockingly Pycelle agrees with the Hand of the King's decision. Later Pycelle appeared in marriage between Sansa and Tyrion, which after Pycelle a message of the Walder Frey informing about the death of Robb Stark which so Joffrey happy about to hear the news order which Pycelle give a thanks to Walder Frey for his service and also requiring the Robb's head for which him land deliver to Sansa. Which not enjoying of the comment of Joffrey, Tyrion confront Joffrey speaking which the kings they are dying as flies. Which after Pycelle and Cersei reprimand Tyrion about his comments disrespectful to king Joffrey, which Tywin discard the already angry Joffrey, and Tywin order to Pycelle for put the to go sleep which him was tired. In which Pycelle is quick for to accomplish the order of Tywin.    

Season 4

Pycelle it's gift in marriage of the king Joffrey and the Margaery, and he appeared seated in side the Lannisters to ceremony, and he together with to too much witness the murder of the king Joffrey. He also it's gift in coronation of new king Tommen Baratheon which Pycelle is the first being kneels towards his new king. 

During to judgement of Tyrion for regicide, Pycelle is called as witness of Iron Throne. Pycelle date a long list of poison which were stolen by Tyrion, Pycelle said also which used for kill Joffrey was the stranger Pycelle also talk which the necklace used by Sansa had shows of poison, so Pycelle concluded which Tyrion and Sansa conspired for kill Joffrey. Later Pycelle together with Qyburn appeared in laboratory, with the body of Sor Gregor death, when Cersei comes for visit when so Pycelle said to Cersei who in fight of Gregor against Oberyn, which Oberyn poisoned Gregor with his launches. After Qyburn said to Cersei which can save it, more Pycelle said methods of the Qyburn are dangerous but Cersei which the Mountain what be recovered and Cersei said to Pycelle which laboratory not only more his which after of hear that Pycelle leaves of laboratory angry.        

Season 5

In his meeting of the Small Council, Pycelle not like when Cersei announced Qyburn as Master of Whisperers. Pycelle also it's in marriage between Tommen Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell, after Pycelle together with other at the members of the Small Council listen to High Septon give the prison of all to Sparrows and the execution of High Sparrow. After of the High Septon being assaulted at the brothel, and Pycelle defend to High Septon saying which life of the a man is one life toilet. After when Cersei is captured by Sparrows and being the forced do of the walking of penance until arrives the Red Keep, When Cersei arrives at the place Qyburn the console leaving Pycelle with disgusted of Qyburn for cause of this.

Season 6

Pycelle help Qyburn to restore the Mountain as a abomination (referring to Sor Gregor as ''the Beast''). After which Cersei and Jaime decided participate at the process of Sor Gregor, after of the talk in Small Council. Pycello soon being from to with Sor Gregor which looks for to Grand Meister with a look threatening. Later, Pycelle advises Tommen for investigate about the prison of Maegaery for Sparrows, but when Cersei arrives her order which to Grand Meister skirt. When a of the little birds is sent by Pycelle which talk him go over there. When Pycelle arrives he soon being from to with Qyburn which placed in a trap Qyburn being excuse with Pycelle speaking which him die of that form. Which so little birds attacks Pycelle killing him.


Pycelle is considered a man hypocrite and coward. He also is ever viewed as weak and clumpsy, Pycelle also it seems being stingy close of people as Tywin Lannister. He also is discriminatory with Tyrion Lannister for his deformity and fact his being a dwarf, and Varys for being a eunuch.


  • Despite being an apparently weak and helpless old man, he is totally agonized before he dies.