The Psycho Rangers are the evil counterparts of the Power Rangers who match the colors Red, Blue, Black, Yellow and Pink. 


Not much about the past of the Psycho Rangers and is not shown as they were created, most would assume that they were created by Astronema to combat Power Rangers. 



Astronema created the Psycho Rangers not only to destroy the more Power Rangers to help it destroy the Dark Specter, since its powers were connected to him whenever the Psycho Rangers fought they absorbed the energy of Dark Specter leaving him more increasingle weak. However, the Psycho Rangers were increasingly obsessed with what that they ended up being defeated by the Power Rangers, starting with Psycho Pink after Psycho Blue and finally Psychos, Red, Yellow and Black all at once. They then return as ghosts, they managed to get into the machine of the data cards and thus they recover their physical bodies, they soon after they released the Power Rangers that were trapped in the machine, but before they could fight Ecliptor interfere them then manage to defeat him with facility. After the Psychos go to fight against the Rangers, they then end up going to their monster form the Rangers seeing that they could not defeat them then they attract them to the data machine, they then manage to trap them in data cards.          

Lost GalaxyEdit

In Lost Galaxy, the letters arrived in the hands of Deviot who released them and sent them to capture the Lost Galaxty Rangers, But the Space Rangers also joined the Lost Galaxy Rangers and defeated them together. Except the Psycho Pink that had survived and taken by Deviot, them the Psycho Pink betrays Trakeena and escapes of her. After the Psycho Pink discovered about the Savage Sword she touched the Galaxy Pink and discovered the location of Sword, she later grew and became giant they fought against the Megazord of both Galaxy Rangers and Space Rangers, have teamed up to defeat her, who together with a combination of attacks have defeated her.     

Lightspeed RescueEdit

The Psycho Blue and Pink were seen in the underground tomb of Shadow World when the Queen Bansheera had opened. 

The PsychosEdit

Psycho RedEdit

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Psycho Red was fully based on the Red Space and absorbed his brainwaves thus
Psycho Monster Red

Psycho Red already in the his monster shape

allowing him to discover his fighting style, and uses his own against Andros. He also being doubted was Psycho Ranger more egocentric,

Psycho in his human form

arrogant, imperturbable, brutal and disloyal of the group and often disobeys the orders causing a great conflict in the group. After the deaths of Psycho Pink and Blue, Psycho Red along with Psychos Yellow and Black assumed human form. Like Psychos, the Psycho Red has a monster shape that is based on fire. He also wields a Psycho Sword.      

Psycho BlackEdit

Psycho Black was based on Black Space and soon after when he absorbed his

Psycho Black in his monster form

brainwaves that allowed him to discover Carlos's fighting style and uses his own style of fighting against him. He is the most rational and intellectual of the Psychos and also the most willing to follow the orders of Astronema. After the destruction of Psychos Blue and Pink, Psycho Black assumed a human form. Like all Psychos the Psycho Black also has a

Psycho Black in the his human form

monstrous form that is based on rock. The Psycho Black uses a Psycho Rod.  

Psycho Blue Edit

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Psycho Blue is based on Blue Space shortly after absorbing their brain waves and the Blue Space's fighting style and so using his own style of fight against the TJ. The Psycho Blue is the most cruel and sadistic of the Psychos,

Psycho Blue in his monster form

he along with the Psycho Red are the Psychos most obsessed in destroying his counterpart. Like all Psychos it also a monster form that is based on ice. It also uses the Psycho Axe in combat.     

Psycho YellowEdit

Psycho Yellow was based on the Yellow Space Ranger, after absorbing his  brainwaves and discovering his style of fighting, and being thus using his own style of fighting against Ashley. She is misleading, calculating and manipulating using her own colleagues Psychos to achieve her goals preferring to work alone. Shortly after the

Psycho Yellow in her monster form

destruction of the Psychos Pink and Blue,

Psycho in her human form

Psycho Yellow along with the Psychos Red and Black, took human forms to track the Rangers throught his voice. She has a monster shape that is a reptilian-bee hybrid. She wears a Psycho Slinger.       

Psycho PinkEdit

Psycho Pink was based on the Space Pink Ranger, after she absorbed her mental waves and discovered her fighting style and abilities she then used her own fighting style to defeat Cassie. Psycho Pink was the most brutal and
violent of the Psychos and also the most ambitious along with Psycho Yellow, then when she is defeated by the Rangers as all Psychos she also has a monster form that is based on plant. She wears a Psycho Bow as a weapon. 

Psycho GreenEdit