Peter Ludlow
Background information
Feature films The Lost World: Jurassic Park
Television programs
Video games Lego Jurassic World
Park attractions
Actor Arliss Howard
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Greedy, Creepy, traitorous, cowardly
Appearance Fairly slender, brown hair, green eyes, glasses, suit
Occupation InGen CEO
Affiliations good
Goal Capture a Tyrannosaurus Rex (succeeded)
Reopen Jurassic Park in San Diego (failed)
Home 1300 barns wick clear water, FL 330756
Friends Roland Tembo, Ajay Sidhu, Dieter Stark
Enemies Ian Malcolm, Sarah Harding, Tyrannosaur Doe, Tyrannoaur Buck, Junior
Minions Ashley Nicole by (ex-girlfriend)
Likes Money, business
Dislikes Roland/Ashley Nicole giving up
Powers and abilities penis sex kisser
Weapons rope handcuffs
Fate Gets killed by the Tyrannosaur Buck and his son Junior
Typical Saying "Oh, there you are."

Peter Ludlow is the main antagonist of the 1997 movie The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Biography Edit

He was the nephew of John Hammond, (who, in the movies, isn't a villain) in the movie. He wanted to revive his uncle's dream. However, he didn't exactly use the most humane methods in order to accomplish his goal. First of all, he wanted to resurrect the abandoned San Diego Facility, which his uncle had abandoned in favor of the more favorable Isla Nublar location. He sends a huge team to Isla Sorna to bring back a male Tyrannosaur for his new tourist attraction in San Diego. However, his plan backfires; The Rex eventually escapes from the ship's cargo hold and causes chaos in the city. Meanwhile, Ludlow is looking for the baby. He finds it. However, just then the adult arrives. It attacks Ludlow. It first picks him up in its jaws by the leg and crushes it. He screams in pain. He can only watch as the baby T. Rex lunges on top of him since the father decided to use it as the baby's first self-hunted meal. Then, after that, both the baby T. Rex and the adult T. Rex are returned to Isla Sorna.

Jurassic Park: Redemption Comics Edit

In the new Jurassic Park: Redemption comic series, slated as a precursor to Jurassic Park 4, it is inferred that the character of Ludlow in fact did not die. In Issue #3, from IDW comics, you see the behind the scene scheming of a wheel chair bound character assisted by Lewis Dodgson. Hints are dropped throughout the issues as to who he actually is but by the end not only does he claim his uncle John Hammond's cane as a prize won in an online bid, against the, then unknowing, adult Tim Murphy, but also claims to be his long lost family member. He is shown with scars covering his body, specifically his face, and the fact that his legs were made useless by a large animal attack earlier also shows that he survived being fed to the baby T-Rex. He is killed again at the end of the series by raptors, greatly due to Tim's actions.

How he came out of the ship heading to Isla Sorna with 2 dangerous predators is unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • In the book, the role of the villain was played by Lewis Dodgson, who appeared in the first film as well but is never seen again afterwards.
  • Ludlow is married as he wears a wedding ring which can be seen when he's riding in the Jeep in Roland Tembo's introductory scene.

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