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Paul Heyman
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Raw


Video games Varies
Park attractions
Actor Himself
Voice No Informations
Performance model
Character information
Other names Heyman

Paul Bearer RipOff
Paragus Wannabe

Personality Business Manly Comic Relief
Appearance Fatso, Balding, Black and White suits
Occupation Manager of Lesnar
Affiliations Team Heyman
Goal Takes down McIntyre with His client, Lesnar

Collects Punk alongside with Curtis Axel (Both Fails)

Friends Triple H

Shane McMahon
Randy Orton
Stephanie McMahon
Vince McMahon
Michael Cole
Jerry ''The King'' Lawler
John Laurinitas
John Bradshaw Layfield

Enemies John Cena

The Undertaker
Samoa Joe
Kevin Owens
CM Punk
Drew McIntyre

Minions Brock Lesnar (His Client)

Curtis Axel
The Great Khali
Mark Henry

Likes His henchmen
Dislikes Gets Fired

Understands every wrestlers mad

Powers and abilities Blood Users
Fate Alive
Quote My Name is Paul Heyman!

Paul Heyman is one of the Secondary Antagonist from WWE who currently hires Brock Lesnar. He tries to defeats His no longer minion, CM Punk after He gets mad Curtis Axel and Him that His client was defeated by Drew McIntyre. He is also portrayed by the English Voice Actor, Himself only.


Heyman is to much Fatso. His hair color was Dark Brown showing His balding hairstyles, He wears a Black jacket and shoes, dress White shirt and Blue Neck tie.


Heyman was a Bloodthirsty, Power Hunger and Sociopath. He deeds to rules His entire world to Conquers the Beastmasters, eats His cultness under His Fanatics.


After Undertaker demands Him about His deeds, Lesnar shows up and begins. Brock Lesnar assaults and punches Mark Call away if He ever hits His manager. The brawl battle between Lesnar and Mark continues rampages the Violence, Heyman retreats Him. This Blood cage contains Lesnar to tortures Call away in any slights.

Kane tries for choke slamming Brock Lesnar in the Hell, but He assaults Him if He ever hits Him. In the cruelty match between both of Them, Lesnar takes down the Natures and Kane gets mad Him. He F Fives Him in Hell and win the Undefeated Streaks.

Roman, Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman and Lesnar gets mad and battles Each others. What Hetman was not doing right, Joe and Strowman where both eliminated by Him. Roman Reigns finishes His rivalry, Him and wins the Rumble Matches. Dean and Seth Rollins were both proud of Him, but Lesnar shows His violent rampages. He goes wild Heyman that He ever let's His opponents Won, lately confirming His heel fates.

After that, Drew McIntyre kidnaps Heyman after He is mad and battles Him. McIntyre gets mad and finishes His nemesis, Him. Lesnar battles Him, but defeated by Him. After McIntyre tortures Lesnar in any slights, CM Punk goes wild and takes down Curtis Axel and Heyman. On and Off He tortures Him in any slights.